25 Enamel Pins That Make Great Holiday Gifts

by Jack Qu'emi Gutiérrez

While you might think that larger presents would get the most attention, the tinier, clever ones are also pretty great. Looking for some extras to throw into gift bags? Try getting some enamel pins to use as stocking stuffers.

Pins can be attached to the lapels of a shirt, a backpack, hat, or simply displayed on a cork board for guests to enjoy. There are customizable options, as well as pithy little pins you'll want to buy as is. Like puns and pop culture references? Get an enamel pin with a character from your favorite show. Maybe you're just a big fan of a certain type of food —there's a pin for that, too.

These 25 pins can make amazing gifts — plus, who says you have to give one away? There's always the option of keeping them for yourself. These creative little accessories allow for a unique way of showcasing your favorite games and music while supporting independent artists. Simply put, there's a pin for everything, and you'll find a bunch of rad ones below.

1. Pizza the Hutt

Mirandadressler, $10, Etsy

Pizza. Jabba. Both with the surname "Hut(t)". Isn't he just a melty cutie? Hard to imagine he eats people.

2. Beetle Couch Lady

Hopesick, $8, Etsy

If you remembered this reference we can be friends. Beetlejuice is a Tim Burton classic.

3. Shirley Chisholm

RadicalDreamsPins, $10, Etsy

Make a statement with this feminist Shirley Chisholm pin. Consider it a daily affirmation.

4. Top Gunn

Grackledistro, $10, Etsy

Tim Gunn reminds you that not only can you make it work, but also that you will.

5. Cotton Candy Oni

Sabrina Elliott, $11, Store Envy

Sabrin Elliott has more enamel pins on her site, but this one is probably my favorite. You can catch some of her prints of a similar style on her storeenvy as well!

6. Fart Breaker

Heather Bucanan, $9, Etsy

Hearts break, but farts last forever... or something like that.

7. Maneater

Sad Truth Supply, $10, Sad Truth Supply

Did I mention my love for puns? Yes, it's called "maneater"!

8. Zissou Sane

Sad Truth Supply, $10, Sad Truth Supply

A Billy Murray and David Bowie mash-up never looked so good.

9. I Believe...

Last Craft, $11, Etsy

The X-Files will never go out of style. Not to mention you're letting the aliens know to spare you when they take over.

10. Pick Your Poison

kwtallantdesigns, $18, Etsy

These pins are available for preorder. Choose your weapon or just get both.

11. Overthinking

Prettybadco, $10, Etsy

Is it still RBF if you're just rethinking everything you've ever done in your life?

12. Eat It

Prettybadco, $10, Etsy

We're all relieved to see the peach emoji has been restored to its butt-like glory. Celebrate it with this cheeky pin!

13. Tubbs

TheSilentBell, $4, Etsy

Tubbs was one of the breakout stars of Neko Atsume. Speaking of, have you fed your kitties lately?

14. Booty Workship

Prettybadco, $10, Etsy

Because who doesn't worship the booty?

15. Wednesday Addams

Punkypins, $7, Etsy

Just in case anyone was wondering if you were feeling a bit goth.

16. Bill Cipher


If you watched Gravity Falls then you get it.

17. Fleshlight


This fleshlight is probably the cutest, little sex toy I've ever seen!

18. Born Annoyed

Towne9, $10, Etsy

Sometimes you need to warn others of your constant disposition without saying a word.

19. Go Pho Yourself

Moguless, $10, Etsy

Who doesn't love a good food pun?

20. Avocado Egg on Toast

OctarineDreams, $8, Etsy

Hungry? Let people know what you want.

21. Hello

Cobalthill, $9, Etsy

What you didn't know was that Adele and Lionel Ritche were calling each other.

22. Nasty Woman

MadeAuGold, $11, Etsy

Stand in solidarity with Hillary Clinton and proclaim yourself a "Nasty Woman".

23. Donald Poop

NickLackeArt, $10, Etsy

Feeling like making light of a tough, political situation? This can help get your frustration out. Plus, this might be the only time you find Trump kind of cute.

24. Lashes

GuyGuyGuyShop, $12, Etsy

These come as a set and can be worn on the lapels of a shirt (as shown on the website), separate, or together! Who doesn't love versatility?

25. Archer Bob

PeopleSuk, $10, Etsy

Are you a fan of Bob's Burgers? How about Archer? Then you know both title characters are voiced by the same actor! This pin is a reference to an Archer episode combining the two series.

Did you see one you have to have? This is just a sampling of your options — take a deep dive into the internet and explore all the pins you can handle.

Images: Courtesy Brands