YouTubers' Favorite Beauty Products That You Need In Your Collection

I genuinely don't know how I did anything before YouTube. From cooking to crafting an Adventure Time Marceline ax out of building styrofoam (that happened once), the tutorials on there are incredible. And that's why you simply can't go wrong by doing your cosmetics shopping based off of the products that YouTube vlogger recommend. After all, tried-and-true is almost always the way to go, right?

While I like to try new things on my own sometimes, it's always super helpful to get recommendations for products from the people who are truly obsessed with makeup, hair, and skin care. That's probably why I often find myself binge-watching videos from the best beauty vloggers on YouTube. Not only do the gurus and professionals like Tati, Jaclyn Hill, Michelle Phan, Manny Mua, and Kandee Johnson seriously know their stuff — they're also more than willing to share their absolute favorites with the world. On top of that, they often show you exactly how to use a product in order to get the best look possible.

It all boils down to one thing: you've practically got your own personal makeup artist telling you which makeup, skin care and hair tools are worth a shot, so you can spend our money on the stuff that actually works for you. If you're looking for the hottest beauty brands on YouTube right now, check out these 30 recommendations from the vloggers that know best.

The Silkiest Smoothest Finishing Powder Imaginable

La Mer The Powder Translucent, $165, Amazon

Johnson stated that this was “the most used powder for [her] entire career on YouTube and beyond.” La Mer The Powder Translucent is a bit pricey, but it lasts pretty much forever, and reviewers have called it “the silkiest, smoothest, finest-milled powder imaginable” for a flawless all-day finish.

A Deeply Nourishing Skin Cream For All Over

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, $32, Amazon

Another favorite from Michelle Phan, this Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream is absolutely amazing if you suffer from dry skin throughout the winter. With olive oil, beeswax, and honey, it’s insanely moisturizing and works to soothe and heal all over your body, and it’s only got several natural ingredients that won’t clog pores or cause breakouts on your face.

A Two-In-One Foundation That Tati Recommends

Milani Conceal Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation, $22, Amazon

This Milani Conceal Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation is an easy one-step way to combat dark circles, reduce redness, even out skintone, and hide breakouts. It comes in a convenient pump bottle and it works around the clock for full coverage without shine.

This Hydrating Spray For A Dewy Glow Over Your Makeup

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, $48, Sephora

Michelle Phan dropped this Tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist in her “Best of 2015” video because it’s a lightweight sprayable moisturizer if you need a refresher throughout the day. It’s got great botanical oils that leave your skin feeling soothed and hydrated, and people say it’s great if you want that “dewy glow.”

A Great Full Concealer That Won't Settle Or Crease

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer , $24, Ulta

Called “the best full coverage concealer” by reviewers, this Tarte Shape Tape concealer is also a recommendation from Manny Mua. It’s hydrating and long-wearing for use under eyes, on breakouts, or to blend redness, and even after it dries, its lightweight and elastic consistency won’t settle into lines or creases. This one also comes in four different skin tones.

A Primer That Sets Makeup And Reflects Light

Becca Cosmetics Backlight Primer, $38, Amazon

People have wonderful things (both on YouTube and in reviews sections) to say about Becca Cosmetics Backlight primer. It’s infused with filtering luminescence pearls that create a smooth canvas for any and all makeup, and its creamy, whipped consistency creates ambience for your complexion and an effortless application.

This USDA-Certified Organic Lip Balm

Treat Jumbo Coconut Cream Lip Balm, $11, Amazon

Huge, USDA-certified organic, inexpensive, and deeply moisturizing, it’s no wonder that stars like Kandee Johnson are flipping over this Treat Jumbo Lip Balm. This one comes in a coconut cream flavor that’s made from organic coconut oil, and Johnson actually uses it all over her face to keep things hydrated, smooth, and wrinkle free.

This Affordable Mascara That The Professionals Recommend

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, $5, Amazon

Even though she’s a professional, Jaclyn Hill still recommends the always-affordable L’Oreal Voluminous mascara. That’s because it’s got a unique thickening formula that builds lashes up to five times their usual length, and it applies evenly and smoothly for a look that reviewers say might even be “better than expensive brands.”

These Tweezers Fit For A Mythical Beast

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers, $19, Amazon

Kandee Johnson (among many others) have called Tweezerman Slant Tweezers the “best tweezers in the world” because, quite simply, they work. They’re sturdy, attractive looking, and in the words of one happy reviewer, “Mortal tweezers cannot contain the mythical breast which runs wild above my eyes. This tweezerman is my excalibur and keeps my monstrous brow in check. Well worth every penny.”

A Silky Fine Loose Powder To Finish Off Any Look

La Prairie Cellular Treatment Loose Powder, $100, Nordstrom

Tati is all about this luxurious La Prairie Cellular Treatment Loose Powder, which is finely milled and silky with the slightest tint to finish off any look. It also has notes of fragrances for a fresh scent, and reviewers say they can notice a huge difference in the overall texture and look of their skin.

This Full Coverage Hydrating Concealer And Foundation

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation, $27, Sephora

Youtube beauty vlogger Kandee Johnson says she bought four bottles of this Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation in 2015 and used it all year. It gives a great full coverage with a beauty blender, but instead of drying and flaky, it’s very hydrating and luminous. You can also use it as a concealer, and it’s lightweight enough that it won’t clog pores.

This Shimmery Highlighter That Absorbs, Reflects, And Refracts Light

Becca Hill Shimmering Champagne Pop , $38, Sephora

Another recommendation from Jaclyn Hill is this Becca Hill Shimmering Champagne Pop. It’s a creamy illumining highlighter gives you a natural-looking glow. The secret is the ultrafine luminescent pearls that absorb, reflect, and refract light, and it’s multi-toned so that it gives you a complex look, even though it’s super pigmented.

This Incredible Top Coat That's All Over YouTube

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Professional Kit, $14, Amazon

Another all time favorite for just about everyone who does nail tutorials is the Seche Vite top coat, and this Seche Vite dry fast top Coat professional kit comes with a massive refill to keep you going for years. It’s been called “the world’s best top coat” because it’s insanely shiny, really durable, and dries ridiculously quickly.

A Light And Soothing Glacial Clay Mask For Pores

Caolion Premium Original Pore Pack, $20, Sephora

The Caolion premium original pore pack is apparently one of the best pore products Michelle Phan has ever used, and that’s because it’s formulated with glacial clay that pulls impurities out of your pores and tightens skin for a cleansed, even look. It’s free of a whole bunch of nasty stuff (including parabens and synthetic fragrances), and people love it because it’s so soothing and light.

This Spray That Keeps Your Makeup In Place No Matter What

All Nighter Setting Spray, $31, Sephora

Another one that’s showing up all over YouTube videos (and Reddit, and Facebook) is the All Nighter setting spray, which is coincidentally one of our favorites from Urban Decay. A few weightless spritzes of this stuff, and your makeup isn’t going anywhere, no matter how much you sweat, move, or cry. “I LOVE this product!” says one reviewer. “Super light weight, non greasy, and really does keep your make-up in place.”

A Luxurious Primer To Compliment Any Foundation

Guerlain L’Or Primer, $70, Amazon

With insanely gorgeous packaging and a light and firming base that keeps your makeup set all day, Tati and so many others are thrilled about this Guerlain L’Or primer. It smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling fresh and prepared for your foundation, so much so that reviewers are calling it “the best base for makeup [they have] ever used.”

A Buildable Lightweight Concealer In Tons Of Different Shades

Urban Decay Naked Concealer, 28, Sephora

Jaclyn Hill among tons of others is loving this Urban Decay Naked concealer. It comes in 11 different shades, each of which provides buildable, weightless coverage that never settles into fine lines or gets cakey when dry.

This Shimmery And Dramatic Palette With Different Consistencies

Sleek Solstice Palette, $20, Amazon

The Sleek Solstice palette is another favorite from Manny Mua that highlights and compliments any skin tone. It comes with two baked powders, a cream powder, and a shimmer to add radiant glow and luminous sheen, and they’re highly pigmented for use on the face, body, or eyelids.

A Flawless Stick Foundation That Gives You Time-Released Hydration

MakeupForever Ultra HD Stick, $43, Sephora

People absolutely love MakeupForever, and the MakeupForever Ultra HD Stick is no exception. It’s a favorite of Jaclyn Hill’s because it creates a flawless complexion both on camera and to the naked eye, and it comes in an easy-to-apply stick form that gives time-released hydration to dry skin.

This Moisturizer That Tightens, Hydrates, Evens, And Exfoliates

Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion, $24, Amazon

People on YouTube are flipping over this Alpha Hydrox AHA enhanced lotion because it does so many things: it renews your skin’s moisture barrier, lifts away dead skin, lessens the appearance of scars, improves elasticity, and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

This Pore-Minimizing Primer

Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional, $31, Sephora

Both Manny Mua and Tati have referenced this Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional, which is a lightweight and oil-free balm that minimizes pores and lines to leave you with smooth, even skin. You can use it by itself or under makeup as a primer, and if you opt for the latter, it’ll keep your foundation on all day.

This Subtle Satin Finish For Your Lips

Mac Lipstick, Myth, $17, Nordstrom

Manny Mua is all about this Mac Satin Lipstick in Myth, and loads of people are on board. It’s got a subtle satin finish that looks partially matte, but also won’t leave your lips looking anything but hydrated, bright, and gorgeous.

This Trio Of Lighting Powders For A "Lit From Within" Look

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, $62, Amazon

Another favorite from Tati is this Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. It includes a trio of powders that gives you a personalized “lit from within” look, and because it’s so fine and non-cakey, it’s really easy to layer to achieve a simple highlighted look or, if you’re feeling daring, a more dramatic shimmer.

This Spray-On Foundation For A Flawless Airbrushed Finish

Dior Air Flash Foundation, $62, Amazon

If you’re looking for a unique and revolutionary foundation, Manny Mua recommends the Dior Air Flash foundation. Rather than a powder or a liquid, it’s actually a lightweight spray that gives you an air-brushed no makeup effect. It provides incredible coverage, and even though there’s a bit of a learning curve, people who mastered the technique say they’re never going back.

A Professional Bronzer For Any Skin Tone

Benefit Hoola Bronzer, $33, Sephora

I’ve heard at least four different YouTube beauty vloggers talking about this Benefit Hoola bronzer. It’s so easy to dust across your face for a healthy, tanned glow all year long, and it’s often used by professionals to sculpt, contour, and define specific features. Best of all, reviewers say it compliments just about any skintone.

This Cleansing Oil That Removes The Toughest Waterproof Makeup

Tatcha 1-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, $44, Amazon

YouTube beauty expert Michelle Phan is all over this Tatcha 1-Step Camellia cleansing oil, which melts away even the toughest waterproof makeup, leaving your skin fresh, pure, and hydrated. If you often use long-lasting makeup like liquid lipstick, waterproof mascara, or sweat-proof foundation, this one’s for you.

A Creamy Lipstick With Moisturize-Boosting Ingredients

Tom Ford Lip Color Blush Nude, $53, Nordstrom

Professional makeup artist and YouTube vlogger Jaclyn Hill uses this Tom Ford Lip Color in Blush Nude. It’s got special ingredients like soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter, and chamomilla flower oil, which keep your lips creamy and hydrated, and it gives you a natural-looking pigment that finishes off any look.

A Miracle Mascara For Barely-There Lashes

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, $30, Amazon

Manny Mua, one of YouTube’s wonderful boy beauty blogger, loves this Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. It’s insanely easy to apply, and that’s because the brush grabs and separates the lashes for a smooth, non-clumpy finish. That means you’re left with curled, full, and still-soft lashes – even if you don’t have much definition to begin with.

A Blendable And Lightweight Favorite For Blush

NARS Blush in Orgasm, $38, Amazon

YouTube beauty guru Tati loves NARS Blush in Orgasm, and so do tons of other cosmetics enthusiasts. That’s because it provides a sheer and natural-looking hint of color, but it’s made with transparent pigments to avoid heaviness. Best of all, it’s super blendable and a little goes a long way, so you won’t need to repurchase for quite a while.

This Genius Tool That's All Over Everyone's Channel

beautyblender, $20, Sephora

It’s shockingly difficult to come across a YouTube beauty vlogger who doesn’t love the famed beautyblender. Seriously, this thing is everywhere. Since it’s edgeless and spongelike, it seamlessly spreads and blends your makeup way better than just about any traditional brush can, and it’s easy to clean, fun to use, and requires less product.

Images: Kaboompics // Karolina/Pexels; Amazon (19); Sephora (8); Nordstrom (3)