How To Save Instagram Posts

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If you’ve ever spotted an Instagram post you absolutely loved, and then bemoaned the fact that you could never, ever find it again, good news: Those days are over. Instagram announced on Wednesday that it will henceforth be possible to save your favorite posts — and what’s more, learning how to save Instagram posts is wonderfully easy. It’s the little things, you know?

Personally, I subscribe to the philosophy that anything social media-related should be as intuitive as possible. If it takes me a zillion years to figure out how to use each new feature, odds are that I will take one look at it, realize I don’t have nearly enough free time for it, and then just… never use it. Ever. I mean, I’m also Old, comparatively speaking; since I’m so very far out of the target demographic of many social networks, perhaps I can be forgiven my lack of participation and easily confused nature. But, I mean… come on. Social media gives us snapshots of our lives in small bites. Shouldn’t social media be as quick to use as actually taking a snapshot, too?

And this is why, although I am not a regular Instagram user, I am so enormously grateful that saving Instagram posts for later takes just a few taps. First, make sure you've got version 10.2 of Instagram all updated on your device; then, once you've done that, you'll be ready to go. Here's what you need to know:

To Save An Instagram Post:

1. Open Instagram

I mean, duh. You can't save an Instagram post if you're not, y'know, actively using Instagram at that very moment.

2. Find A Post You Want To Save

Like this one. Because it is absolutely true, and everyone needs more baby squirrels in their life.

3. Tap The White "Bookmark" Icon In The Lower Right Hand Corner

Once you've done that, two things should happen: One, the "bookmark" icon should now be filled in; and two, a tiny picture of the saved post should pop up on the bottom of your screen.

To See A Saved Post:

1. Go To Your Profile

See how, right under your bio, there's a row of icons? On the far right, there should now be a "bookmark" icon.

2. Tap The "Bookmark" Icon

Doing so will bring you to your "Saved" tab, wherein you will find all your saved posts.

3. Tap On The Post You Want To View


Oh, and if you want un-save a post you've previously saved, all you have to do is tap the "bookmark" icon again and the post will vanish from your "Saved" tab.

Go forth and save, my friends!

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