PSA: You Can Save Posts On Instagram Now

by Megan Grant

Instagram is regularly on the verge of something better, whether it's Stories, disappearing photos, or expanding the video time from 15 seconds to a full minute. Now, they're adding yet another sweet feature: The option to save Instagram posts you like directly from your feed, allowing you to revisit them later on in a designated spot. Previously, there was no way to save a post of which you're especially fond; your options were to remember who posted it and go back to their page later on, share it to Facebook or Messenger for later use, or send it as a private message for easy access. None of those are exactly ideal, though... which is why this update is so momentous.

Starting today, Instagram will let you save a post right from your feed by tapping a bookmark icon underneath that post. It will then save the post in a private tab that's only visible to you in your own account. This is a big step forward in Instagram's user experience and friendliness, similar to the platform's update which allowed you to save your own posts as drafts if you wanted to come back and finish them later. (Seriously, how nice is it not having to start a post over from the beginning?)

This new feature will certainly come in handy for many of us. I save posts on Facebook every day, from recipes I'll never try to interior design ideas I'll never be able to copy. It's always been a pet peeve of mine that when I see a hilarious post on Bustle's Instagram page or someone showing me how to achieve the perfect eyebrows, I couldn't save it and come back to it later. Problem solved!

While Facebook mastered this technique long ago, it might be one of the only platforms to have done so. I don't even know of a way to save tweets on Twitter, aside from copying the link to it and saving it on my own or marking it with a heart. But look out, Facebook! This new Instagram update is certain to make for a more convenient experience for users everywhere. I foresee many delicious recipes from Tasty in my future.

Saved posts are part of Instagram version 10.2; go ahead and update your app, and the ability to hang onto your favorites for later will soon be yours.

Images: Courtesy of Instagram (2)