Lana Del Rey's "Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight" Proves Disco's Not Dead Yet — LISTEN

Lana Del Rey has made a career out of banking off the hipster lifestyle. All of her songs are like nothing else you're hearing out there right now because most of it is inspired by some subculture that's too cool to be popular, like hipster music for the mainstream hipster-wannabes. Her latest track doesn't disappoint on that expectation. Her upcoming album, Ultraviolence, isn't set for release until May 1 (maybe), but an unreleased song called "Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight" leaked onto the Internet and the subculture of choice this time is disco.

It's a surprisingly upbeat track from Del Rey, who usually sets her songs to a sedate pace that really shows off her mellow, smoky voice. In fact, it's the most upbeat track I've heard from her since "Off to the Races" from her Born to Die album and that song was basically about a gold digger and the possible mobster who loved her.

"Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight" doesn't involve as much talk-rapping as Del Ray employed on "Off to the Races" and it's about nothing quite as sordid. Instead, the straightforward love song is more of a dance club hit that encourages thoughts of platform shoes stomping along to the beat as her distinctive raspy voice promises, "I can be your one time baby. I can be your little dairy queen."

It's unlikely that the song is going to be on Ultraviolence since the leak doesn't appear to have come from Del Rey or anyone associated with her and since the album is supposed to be as cinematic and dark as her previous one, but the track does show a side of Del Rey that hasn't been heard musically or lyrically before. It shows range as a singer that she didn't really seem to have before while still encompassing everything that makes her songs sound uniquely like her.

Listen to it below.