This 'Scream Queens' Death Was A Total Fake-Out

Just one week after the devastating death of Chad Radwell on Scream Queens, we suffered another major blow — it appeared that Special Agent Denise Hemphill was also a goner. Although her death was never confirmed, things weren't looking good for everyone's favorite agent — after several jolts from a defibrillator, we last saw her lying motionless on the floor of the C.U.R.E Institute. In the Dec. 13 episode "Lovin the D," Grace's dad Wes admitted to killing Chad and he expressed surprise when he learned that Denise Hemphill is alive on Scream Queens because, as it turns out, he was also responsible for her attempted murder. (Wes is officially my least favorite character on this show — and that's really saying something.)

Now that we've received the wonderful news that Denise is alive, when do we get to see her? Viewers don't have to wait too much longer — the trailer for the Dec. 20 season finale indicates that she'll play a central role and fans couldn't possibly be more excited for her triumphant return. We'll have to wait to see what's exactly in the cards for Denise, but something tells me that her presence will be the highlight of the Scream Queens finale — and, predictably, fans on social media are giddy with excitement.

Will Denise finally make peace with Zayday? (Doubtful.) Will she successfully crack the Green Meanie case with her expert sleuthing skills? (Also doubtful.) Anything's possible — but, personally, I hope she gets more than her fair share of screentime and her own spinoff. I can't think of anyone who deserves her own show more than Special Agent Denise Hemphill.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX