Robin Thicke Reacts To His Father's Passing

Sadly, on Tuesday, Dec. 13, Alan Thicke's rep confirmed that the actor passed away, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Thicke was just 69 when he died after having a heart attack while playing hockey with one of his children. The actor will be survived by three sons, one of whom is the well-known musician Robin Thicke whose reaction to his dad's death came on Tuesday night when he spoke to the Los Angeles Times.

Robin told the publication, “The good thing was that he was beloved and he had closure ... I saw him a few days ago and told him how much I loved and respected him."

The LA Times also notes that Robin called his father "the greatest man I ever met” and “always a gentleman.”

The "Blurred Lines" singer, who is 39 as of his father's passing, was always close with this father. Throughout the years, Robin has posted a number of sweet snapshots of his family life with his dad, which just goes to show what a big role they played in each other's lives — even though they chose different career paths in acting and music. Thicke can most recently be seen on his son's Instagram during a couple of Thanksgiving photos of their family coming together for the holiday.

It was clear that Robin's success was a source of pride for Thicke, who was quick to talk about how fond he was of his son's music. In a 2013 interview with LA Weekly, the actor praised his son's breakout song "Blurred Lines," saying, "I liked it right away. It's an earworm, that bass and those vocal licks stick with you right off the bat. I was as impressed with the track as I was with the video."

Robin seemed just as proud of his dad's career, often taking to social media to promote his father's various projects. It has to be devastating for Robin and his siblings to lose their father, so I hope they can take solace in the memories of all their good times together as a way to keep his memory alive for years to come.