The Kylie Shop So Needs To Restock

It's not totally sold out, but stock is pretty much drained, with just a few items still up for grabs. The Kylie Jenner Shop launched on Dec. 10, with tons of Kylie Jenner-branded merch, from thongs to tops to hoodies to a satin bomber. The accessories and apparel feature Jenner's image, likeness, and her instantly recognizable Kylie Cosmetics dripping lips logo. All aspects of her brand factored into the items and she also launched a pop-up shop in California, which is selling these merch items and Lip Kits, among other things. Regarding the online shop, only the 2017 calendar, some iPhone cases, and baseball caps remain available. That begs an important question. Will The Kylie Shop restock the tees, socks, buttons, pins, patches, and more?

Yes, the supply of Kylie Jenner merch will be replenished. The brand confirmed that "details on the next restock coming soon" via a post on its official Instagram.

However, there has been no further concrete confirmation from The Kylie Shop or from Jenner herself about the exact date and time. It's also not clear if it's the digital shop or the pop-up that will restock, or both.

Bustle reached out to The Kylie Shop reps about their plans to restock the merch.

Below is the post confirming the restock.

At least we know it's actually happening.

Jenner has been pimping the leftover items. Check her out, rocking the black "dad hat," which boasts the Kylie Cosmetics lips logo.

Meanwhile, here is what remains in The Kylie Shop. The two dad hats, in black and denim, are there. Also, the four iPhone cases — the Kylie Cosmetics logo version, the dripping graphic, the multi lips, and the phrase-baring "Kylie Jenner Lips" — are still available for $15 a piece.

So there's this.

And this.

If you love Kylie Lip Kits, you can display your love for all the world to see with this case.

I love it when Kylie gets self-referential. It shows her sense of humor.

Stay tuned for more details on The Kylie Shop restock.

Images: The Kylie Shop/Instagram (2); Courtesy of The Kylie Shop (5)