Why Your Swatches Might Look Different In Stores

There you are, trying swatches on your hand in the makeup aisle. You smudge on a blush and it looks great. Same goes for the foundation, which melts beautifully into your skin. But when you get home with your purchases, these previously perfect palettes are nothing like the samples. Have you ever had this infuriating experience? Then you may be interested in this Redditor's gross theory about why makeup looks different in the store.

Reddit user Rachcake93 recently posted her opinion on the subreddit Makeup Addiction. She offered the theory that palettes in makeup stores swatch better because people dip their fingers in all day, thus leaving behind a plethora of oils. This, in turn, makes the makeup samples softer and more satiny. When you get home with your new palette, it's nothing like the one in the store (maybe yours is chalkier?) because it's missing the oils of thousands of strangers.

Doesn't that make a ton of sense? Extra oil would make all the difference between a dried up cake-y product, and one that seems smoother and more pigmented. I know it's kind of gross, but don't swear off makeup just yet. Another comment offered a decidedly less disgusting explanation. Redditor MeredithofArabia said it could be that mini versions in the store are of higher quality to entice us makeup addicts to purchase the bigger (and more expensive) palette. Who knows if this is true. But if it is, you can join me in some pretty aggressive side eye.

Of course, both of these comments are just theories. So all I can say is this — if you hate your makeup once you get home, give it time. Hopefully, after a few uses, your own natural oils will make the product more like the one in the store.

It may not be as great as the sample you fell in love with, but it will be decidedly less gross.

Images: Samantha Jane/YouTube