'Captain Fantastic' Scores Big in SAG Nominations & Fans Are Psyched

Chances are, you may not have heard of Captain Fantastic until the SAG nominations were announced on Wednesday (Dec. 14). The independent film — starring Viggo Mortensen as a survivalist dad trying to keep his family together after his wife dies — may have flown under-the-radar for the general public this year, but it's definitely getting some surprising award show love. In addition to Mortensen nabbing a Golden Globe nomination earlier this week (and a SAG nomination himself), the entire ensemble is up for a SAG Award — beating out award show favorites like La La Land, Jackie, Hacksaw Ridge, 20th Century Women, and more. And there are plenty of people on Twitter who are hyped AF for the surprising nomination.

Mortensen shares the ensemble nomination with other big-name stars such as Frank Langella, Missi Pyle, Steven Zahn, Ann Dowd, and more. And for fans who have seen and loved the movie, the nomination — and the award show recognition — couldn't be any more well-deserved. Check out the trailer for Captain Fantastic (even if you think you've never heard of this film before, the trailer might jolt your memory), as well as fans' overjoyed reactions below. Enjoy the noms, Captain Fantastic cast!

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Image: Bleecker Street