Leonardo DiCaprio Remembers Alan Thicke With A Touching Post Showing How The Late Actor Impacted His Life

On Tuesday evening, it was announced that another TV icon had died. Alan Thicke died at the age of 69 after suffering a heart attack, per The Hollywood Reporter. Many celebrities who once worked with the late actor have continued to share kind words about Thicke, honoring the man they knew. Well, on Wednesday, Leonardo DiCaprio remembered Alan Thicke in a touching post shared on Facebook. The two once starred together on Growing Pains, where DiCaprio's fame grew immensely. Based on the message he penned, it's clear that Thicke made a huge impact in the Oscar-winning actor's life.

DiCaprio's post reads as follows:

Alan was a devoted father, husband, friend and role model. He knew how to harness the power of the entertainment industry to be a positive influence in so many lives - including mine. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I had to work with Alan early in my career. He had tremendous class, a huge heart, and he taught me and so many others the valuable lessons about humility and gratitude. I've seen him a number of times over the years and when Alan Thicke walked in the room, quite frankly, no one was cooler. I miss him already — my thoughts and prayers are with the entire Thicke family during this difficult time.

It sure seems like Thicke was a great role model for DiCaprio as both a child star and now as an adult actor.

Thicke felt the same about DiCaprio. In December, the man who will forever be known as Jason Seaver opened up to Entertainment Tonight Canada about working with DiCaprio in the early '90s. "We all recognized there was something special about Leo," Thicke said. "He had a great sense of humor, very playful, he could do impressions of all of us and that’s something we haven’t seen in its full bloom in the movies yet." He added, "He’s done these wonderful dramatic roles and he’s a funny guy with a great sense of humor. The world still has that to look forward to.”

His praise of DiCaprio didn't stop there. Thicke reflected about Growing Pains' many guest stars and admitted DiCaprio was the best. "You had Brad Pitt or Matthew Perry or Hilary Swank, Heather Graham — you know we had some terrific people come through the show and the brightest of those was probably Leo."

Based on their praises, it's clear both actors viewed each other with nothing but respect and admiration.