'VEEP's Season 3 Gets a New Clip — VIDEO

April 6 is actually quite a day on HBO — not only will you get your medieval blood bath fix (see: Game of Thrones) but you'll get your razor-sharp political fix. But, if you check out this clip for the first episode of Veep' s third season, you can get your fix! Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as always, kills in her knockout, no-holds-barred performance, no matter how unlikeable she makes herself seem. (Oh, HBO, you and your characters we love to hate. But hey, you said it first: you know drama!)

The clip finds our resident Vice President (and potential President!) Selina Meyer at a book signing, with, yes, her book, as she tries to be more amicable since she is a potential Presidential candidate now. Lest we forget, Selina is the queen of the razor sharp put down ("three fucks, you're out!"), and this clip finds Selina struggling to find the kind words that a Presidential candidate needs in order to win the hearts of the people. (But sure can't wait for these new insults this season — which, by the way, are excellent ways to respond to annoying Tinder and OkCupid lurkers.)

So while this clip doesn't give too much away of what will come, we know that Selina is still indefatigable, and we know that we last left her as the top ticket to become the President of The United States, since the current POTUS opted out of running for a second term. She thinks she's ready...but can she actually command a nation? Now that she's going to be a candidate, this season will likely follow her as she attempts to create a marketable image — hence this book singing ("blind people are people, too").

Oh! And check out this photo we have from the forthcoming episode. What's happening?!? Oh, don't you just love teaser pics?

Episode 19, which is the first episode of Season 3, airs on Sunday, April 6. You can watch the clip below.

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Image: HBO