'Nathaniel P.', Part Two

To great applause, Adelle Waldman, in her national bestselling debut The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., brought a scrutinizing eye to the romantic lives of modern man through the illicit adventures of a womanizing Brooklynite writer on the rise. Readers who swooned over this provocative novel can get excited because Waldman will be delving into our flawed modern dating world once again, this time through the eyes of a woman.

Waldman announced Thursday in a tweet that her latest work, a novella titled New Year's , will offer a take on Nathaniel Pivin and his flawed psychology from the perspective of his friend Aurit Arazi.

The lengthy short story begins when Pivin comes across a piece of Arazi's published writing. Intrigued, he contacts her and the two meet for a drink. At the time, they both have significant others, so they spark a friendship instead that blooms over many years and multiple romantic partners, until one New Year's Eve the two writers realize that their affections may be more than platonic. Can Aurit peel back the layers of Pivin's flawed psyche? Despite witnessing his callow, insensitive ways and his bad habits when it comes to romance over the years, does she see something more behind his arrogant facade?

New Year's is out next month. We'll see if Waldman can bring her same charming humor, earnestness, and savvy awareness readers so admired in The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

Image: Lou Rouse