These Harry Potter Winter Coats Will Keep You Way Warmer Than Hogwarts Robes

Real talk: there's no way robes alone keep Hogwarts students warm during the winter. Magic can do a lot of cool stuff, but it can't make the snow not, you know, cold. My theory? These Hogwarts winter coats that you can now own, too.

Designed by Robe Factory, the coats are exclusively sold by ThinkGeek, the source of all things fandom (like, truly, though, you can search for clothes by show as well as size). Each has two house-colored stripes on the front, logos on the front and back - house logo on the front, Hogwarts logo on the back - and a colored inside lining. Sizes run from small to 2XL, and currently retail for $149.99. And for all those curious, yes, the Ravenclaw logo is the movie-version raven.

These bad boys have everything you need to not die from the cold: Hood! Zipper pockets! Down-filled! And most importantly, the crest from your Hogwarts house!

We've all seen the hats and gloves and scarves with Hogwarts insignia - very cute, by the way - but these puffer coats are for next-level fans. There's nothing costume-y about them. They resonate with a subtle intensity. They say, "Yes, I do actually attend Hogwarts. What of it?"

Harry Potter House Down Jacket, $90, Think Geek

"Yes, our entire Quidditch team got them this year. And?"

Interested? You better jump now. There's no way these are staying in stock for long.

Images: Think Geek (2)