How To Get A Free Merry Kylie Lip Kit, Because The Holiday Surprises Are Not Over

Kylie Cosmetics' "12 Days of Christmas" may be over, but the holiday surprises are not. As you may recall, after releasing her already extensive Holiday Collection early this month, Kylie Jenner announced she would be unveiling a new promotion each day for 12 days starting Dec. 1. She concluded the 12-day long series with two brand new limited-edition bundles — or so we thought. Fast forward to three days later, and Jenner unveils even more holiday surprises — is she good to her fans or what?! So, if you're wondering how to get a free Merry Kylie Lip Kit, here is the 411.

The brand took to social media on Thursday to announce yet another freebie with a photo of the Merry lippie, captioned, "Starting now and for a limited time only, you get a FREE Merry Lip Kit with every order! #HolidaySurprises" That means you can basically get two Lip Kits for the price of one, or just a free holiday lippie with any other Kylie Cosmetics purchase. How exciting! Feel free to break into your happy dance. No word on exactly how long this promotion will run but I have a feeling it won't last very long. Kylie Cosmetics fans are extremely dedicated, and I predict supplies are likely to run out quickly.

So if you're hoping to take score a free Lip Kit, I'd act fast.

Merry Lip Kit, $30,

The Christmas-y red is so perfect for the holiday season.

Let's face it, this deal is way too good to miss.

Images: KylieCosmetics/Instagram (1); Kylie Cosmetics (1)