'Fuller House's New Kids On The Block Cameo Made Candace Cameron Bure & Andrea Barber's Dreams Come True

It's fair to say that Netflix's Fuller House is a show that hinges on a love of nostalgia and, for some reason, really well choreographed dance routines. That blend has wrangled some interesting musical guests in the past — remember the wonderful randomness of Macy Gray? — and Season 2 shelled out New Kids On The Block as special guest stars. And as a new Fuller House Netflix featurette reveals, this late '80s dream performance was about three decades in the making.

The thing is, although the original Full House series aired in the primetime of NKOTB (the late '80s into the pre-NSYNC and Backstreet Boys-dominated mid-'90s), the band never made an appearance. "Back in the day we never did any guest spots, so yeah, it was fun," said Joey McIntyre at the beginning of the featurette. "We've been on their radar and they wanted us here so bad, it's so cool that we were finally able to do it," added Jonathan Knight.

By "on their radar," they low-key mean that Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber are the biggest New Kids On The Block super fans well, on the block, and have been pledging their dedication for the past 30 years.

"Andrea and I go to their concerts every single year," Bure said. "We did back in the day and we still do today, and so we've been swooning over them forever." And the fangirl-ing doesn't end there. In true, Gibbler-eqsue fashion, Barber was able to costume the cast with her collection of New Kids On The Block apparel. "I bought my personal stash of New Kids merch, they outfitted almost the entire concert arena with my shirts," she said. "It's not crazy; it's cool." Awww, bless.

Of all the guest spots that have occurred in the Full House franchise, it's fair to say that this appearance definitely doesn't feel forced... or at least fits comfortably within the kitschy, '80s-and-'90s worshipping tone of the show. And, more than anything, it's been hardcore wanted by the lead actresses for the longest time. It's more than evident that Bure and Barber aren't just New Kids fans, they're sticklers about detail when it comes to the New Kids On The Block mythos. Hell, Barber even insisted on getting color coded microphones for the band because she's "a purist."

You can stream the New Kids On The Block special episode "New Kids In The House" on Netflix right now, and feel free to watch the behind-the-scenes featurette above.

Images: Netflix