14 DIY Mason Jar Holiday Gifts That Are Cute & Practical

Want to know why the holidays are seriously the best time of the year? It’s not the snow, it's not the lights, and it's not even drinking hot cocoa. For me, it’s finally having an excuse to do all of those holiday DIY projects I’ve been saving up on Pinterest all year round — especially those adorable mason jar holiday gift ideas that I have been dying to make.

When it comes to gifts, I’ve always been the type of person who gives something personal. Something homemade that shows whomever I made it for that I put actual thought, time, and energy into a gift for them. It may seem selfish, but I want that person to think of me as a thoughtful friend when they pull out and use whatever particular gift I gave. Which is why I constantly resort to DIY projects, especially ones that come in cute little mason jars.

If you haven’t seen anything like this before, then I’m about to seriously upgrade your gift-giving game. Instead of going out and spending hundreds of dollars on gifts this year, run over to a craft store and buy some cheap mason jars, holiday twine, and smaller labels that will be used for a homemade gift. Mostly, I have seen people use mason jars to give dry ingredients for a baking recipe — typically cookies, brownies, or hot cocoa. However, I also provided other DIY ideas in case your people aren’t the baking type. Some of these include candles, hand scrubs, and even a homemade Nutella.

So, without further delay — lets DIY the crap out of Christmas.

Brownie Mix

Although this particular recipe calls for a gluten-free baking blend (gluten-free readers, holla!), Ari’s Menu also says you can use white whole wheat flour instead. It even calls for a bit of espresso power to give the brownie a coffee kick, perfect for the chocolate/coffee lovers in your life. Make sure to specify on a jar label that they will need to grab half a cup of nonfat vanilla yogurt, and two eggs.

Chocolate Chip Toffee Blondies

If your crowd is more into blondies then brownies, these particular toffee brownies by Mel’s Kitchen will do the trick!

Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies

Who wouldn’t want the gift of fresh cookies for Christmas? Each layer is specifically laid out for you to follow, and make sure to download the directions on My Baking Addiction.

Soy Candles

I think you would be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to make candles as a gift. These particular candles by The Kitchn call for the smaller, four ounce mason jars, and make eight candles total.

Ten-Spice Mix For Vegetable Soup

Getting all the correct spices for soup can get expensive in the winter, so give the gift of spices (along with this vegetable soup recipe by Oh She Glows) to someone who loves making soup in the winter.

Hot Buttered Rum

This particular jar by The Kitchn would be a perfect present for two when paired with a bottle of rum and two holiday mugs.

Mason Jar Snow Globes

These adorable snow globes by A Pretty Life In The Suburbs are superb holiday decorations for that friend throwing a holiday shindig.

Hot Cocoa Mix

If you’re feeling up to it, you can put together this hot cocoa mix by My Baking Addiction and give them with a small bag of her homemade vanilla marshmallows!

M&M Cookies

More cookie recipes! This one by Damn Delicious is very easy to make – only requires a fourth of a cup of melted butter, an egg, and a half teaspoon of vanilla.

Residual Christmas Cheer

Or you could give that M&M cookie an upgrade with this Christmas cookie jar by Lick My Spoon.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Another shout out to our gluten-free crowd – this recipe by Gluten Free On A Shoe String will satisfy all of your chocolate-Christmas-wonderland cravings.

Sea Salt Hand Scrub

How about the gift of super clean hands? If you have a friend or relative obsessed with the latest body and hand scrubs, the make one especially for them with this recipe by The Kitchn.

Salted Homemade Nutella

This is for that person in your life who would be more than satisfied with dozens of Nutella jars for Christmas. This recipe can be found on Half Baked Harvest, along with numerous other jar recipes including Christmas Chocolate Chip Granola, Espresso Glazed Nuts, Salted Pomegranate Sugar, Gingerbread Spice Mix, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, and Fudge Brownies.

Memory Jar

If you’re giving to someone who isn’t particularly a baker or a candle person, then gift the person you care for with the stuff that matters – reminders of all the wonderful times you had together. Check out some ideas of memories to put in the jar on Steamy Kitchen.

Images: Ari's Menu, Mel's Kitchen, My Baking Addiction, The Kitchn, Oh She Glows, The Kitchn, A Pretty Life In The Suburbs, My Baking Addiction, Damn Delicious, Lick My Spoon, Gluten Free On A String, The Kitchn, Half Baked Harvest, Steamy Kitchen