20 DIY Secret Santa Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love

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Picking out a Secret Santa gift is super stressful. There’s all this pressure because you’re the one person this friend, co-worker, or family member is getting something from in this merry exchange. You can try to pick out a gag gift to please the crowd (and make your uncle laugh so hard he snorts eggnog through his nose), or fudge the price cap a little to buy an item your recipient might actually want, but why not just make the perfect present yourself?

I know, DIY gifts can be a pain to make (and if you haven't had a total Pinterest failure before, kudos to you!), but homemade presents make people feel pretty great. You know what holiday spirit is? Taking the time to create something one-of-a-kind rather than buy your friend yet another scarf to add to their collection. So make like Buddy the Elf, and start crafting one of these 20 DIY secret Santa gifts.

Image: Miss Renaissance

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