Juliette Is Alive On 'Nashville,' But She Has A Long Road To Recovery After Her Plane Crash

Season 4 of Nashville left fans with one hell of a cliffhanger/ Juliette Barnes was flying back from Los Angeles to Nashville, and her plane was going down fast. Would she survive? With ABC having cancelled the show already, it seemed like Juliette’s fate was truly up in the air — pun intended — until CMT picked Nashville up for Season 5. Phew, right? But the bigger question loomed large — is Juliette alive on Nashville ?

Season 5 opens with Juliette — the lone survivor of the plane crash — lying in a field 20 miles outside of Nashville. She made it out of the crash with help of a woman she calls an “angel” (she was just a good Samaritan), but all’s not exactly well in the land of Juliette Barnes. She’s severely broken her leg and her back, leaving her partially paralyzed. The doctors don’t think it will be permanent, but for now, from the waist down, Juliette can only move one big toe. Needless to say, she’s quite discouraged, and Juliette tells Rayna that she blames herself and her careless ways for the plane crash. Juliette thinks that she brought it on herself, and Rayna assures her that those thoughts need to be banished as soon as possible. Even Juliette’s doctors tell her to think positively, because those positive thoughts will help her heal.


Luckily for Juliette, Avery is there and he loves her, and he’s not going anywhere (at least they're back together! I'm so happy!). Juliette makes Avery take her back to the field in which she was found (he carries her when she can't get through in her wheelchair), thinking it would help her with closure, and there's nothing there. Is this some sort of metaphor for how Juliette will be all season? I really need her to be OK for a few episodes, because she deserves it after everything she went through in Season 4. Later, though, Juliette meets (well, she hears her singing in church and knows its her) the woman who saved her post-crash. Let's hope that finding this woman will help Juliette heal, emotionally and physically, so that she can finally have some happiness.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy