What Kylie Cosmetics Products Are At The Kylie Pop-Up Shop? See The Selection — PHOTO

If you are a Kylie-phile, you have no doubt witnessed the literal wall of Kylie Lip Kits on sale at the Kylie Jenner pop-up shop in Southern California. The physical Kylie pop-up also sells her branded merch, from tees to thongs, which was also available via the digital Kylie Jenner Shop before selling out. However, it was the massive wall of Lip Kits that blew me away, since those sell out on the regular and I am most used to seeing them on Instagram or on her cosmetic co.'s website, which was the sole sales platform... until now! It makes sense that the mega matte liquid lippies are the focal point at the pop-up. That is the brand's hero product. But can you buy other Kylie Cosmetics products at the pop-up store? Or is it just the Kylie Lip Kits?

Yes, you can purchase other Kylie Cosmetics items at the pop-up, if you live in or are visiting So Cal and can make it out to the physical location. The brand posted a few shots of other 2016 Holiday Edition Collection products on the shelves, as well as the limited edition Koko Kollection, which is a three matte, one gloss set co-created by Jenner's big sister Khloe Kardashian.

That's a rainbow wall of liquid lipsticks! From the Fourth of July blue shades to the cornerstone neutrals, there are loads and loads of Lip Kits and something for every pout preference.

There's the Koko Kollection, which has not been restocked online again.

The silver-dipped holiday items, among many other things, are on the shelves and on sale. You can shop a variety and volume of Kylie Cosmetics offerings at the pop-up if you are local to the mall in which the pop-up is housed.

Images: Westfield Topanga/Instagram (1); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2)