What Happened To Homer On 'The OA'? Prairie's Fellow Captives Have Uncertain Fates

A show as mysterious as The OA is sure to have a cliffhanger ending. In fact, while the protagonist may have completed her quest, the audience never saw the answer to her biggest question. What happened to Homer and the others on The OA ? The Netflix series leaves their fate up in the air. There are major spoilers for The OA ahead, so either wait until you finish the series to investigate, or be wary.

It turns out that Prairie never really escaped her captor. He ditched her on the side of the road. Prairie thinks that, with the "fifth movement" finally acquired, Hap and the group must have gone to the other dimension. That's a fair assumption. Hap wanted to go there, and he has enough gas to make the other four captives compliant. He could easily order them to do the dance and open the portal to the other dimension. Since Prairie never managed to get back to the house (that we know of, technically she never finished her story), she can't be 100 percent sure whether they are still there or not.

In the final moment of the season, Prairie wakes up in a white room, and calls out for Homer. Did dying during the dance take her where she wanted to go? That would create an exciting Season 2 for The OA, with Prairie traveling through one dimension while her friends get closer to finding Hap's lair.

However, what if she was telling a story, and making up all or portions of her fairytale? French and the others had their doubts. That Amazon book order is suspicious, though Rahim does confirm that her biological symptoms indicate having been imprisoned underground. Maybe Homer doesn't exist. Maybe his name isn't Homer. Maybe the other dimension isn't real, only something that Hap's captors created as a coping mechanism. Part of me wonders if Homer was the school shooter in the final sequence. We never saw his face, and that incident seems randomly traumatic otherwise. Maybe he was coming for Prairie using unorthodox methods. All we know is that Homer and the others aren't with Prairie, and she thinks she may have found them. That leaves a lot of possibilities open for the series if and when it returns.

Images: JoJo Whilden/Netflix