Does Cassian Love Jyn? This 'Rogue One' Duo Has A Serious Bond In The Film

To date, I think its fair to say these are the most iconic Star Wars couples: Han Solo and Princess Leia, Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, and (hopefully) Finn and Poe Dameron. Major Rogue One SPOILERS ahead. Thanks to Rogue One , Cassian Andor and Jyn Erso's fledgling romance may be added to that illustrious list. But from the one time we get to see the duo onscreen, can we tell if Cassian loves Jyn? Or are they just two people with immense respect for each other?

I believe that Cassian and Jyn do end up falling in love with one another, but their romance presents as atypical. It's a long journey for Cassian and Jyn from the Rebel headquarters on the planet Yavin to dying in each other's arms after getting the Death Star's plans safely off the planet Scarif. Knowing that their romance was doomed from the start only adds to the value of the small glances they give one another, the unspoken ways they support each other in the fight to save others, and crucially the confrontations they have to make an honest partner out of each other. Cassian comes to respect and value Jyn's contributions, never questioning her ability because she is a woman; as such, the feminist layer to their working relationship bodes well for the cultivation of their low-key romance.


In many ways, Jyn is the alpha of their relationship, despite Cassian's high-ranking role in the team. This makes her the prime entry point into understanding her romance with Cassian. As an alpha, she displays her affection in such a way that it is coded masculinely. She is brash, vocal, and independent. She understands both sides of this war and that makes her privilege to the true cost of the fight between the Empire and the Rebellion, making her ready to challenge Cassian at every turn. By stepping up to the plate and matching Cassian's intensity, like when she confronts Cassian over his dishonesty about the team's mission on Eadu, shows that she is a perfect match for him. Additionally, it means that she is an ideal addition to the team.

"I think at the beginning they’re very scared of each other because even though they seem very different and are coming from very different backgrounds, they see a lot of each other in the other." - Diego Luna

These two have common threads, but it doesn't mean that their romance is neatly put together. Jyn has been on the run since she was a child, a jailed outcast freed by Rebel forces because of her father's connection to the Empire. Cassian is a Rebel leader with a dark past; it's mentioned that he lost everything when he was still young, probably because of Imperial destruction. Over the course of Rogue One, these opposites come together — not without their share of physical and emotional obstacles, including big trust issues — and by the time they are at death's doorstep, it's evident they deeply care for one another. They are flawed heroes, but it is their ability to unite through those flaws that makes them compelling to watching.

For his part, Cassian actor Diego Luna has his own ideas about how the two feel about eachother.

"I think at the beginning they’re very scared of each other because even though they seem very different and are coming from very different backgrounds, they see a lot of each other in the other. It sounds weird but yeah, so that scares them a bit at the beginning but the mission is asking them to work together," he told Bustle editor Kelsea Stahler at the Rogue One junket. "At the end, they do share that need for change. They both share that conviction of freedom needed in the galaxy and they, I think that is the beauty of this film, they very [quickly] understand that this is not about them, it’s about something bigger."

In the end, as they face their deaths, they are able to hold one another and take comfort in each other. While they never kissed or said "I love you" aloud, their romance is understated, fleeting, and a thing to be treasured. It fits perfectly with who they are as people and as Rebels.

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