How Much Is The Lokai Water Bottle? You Have A Few Shopping Options

Odds are you probably already know about those bumpy little bracelets in different colors that Lokai makes. Well, now they're making something else that goes towards a good cause. Creating their first accessory since the bracelets, Lokai now sells water bottles as well. How much are they, you ask? You have a few options as far as shopping goes, but you can't go wrong with any of them.

If you're not familiar with Lokai, let me fill you in. The company started by making bracelets that held water from the highest point on Earth and mud from the lowest. Then they started teaming up with charities to create different colors for different causes. Now they've created a water bottle as well.

The Lokai Water Bottle will cost you $28, with 10 percent of proceeds going to fund clean drinking water products. The bottle is made of recyclable, BPA free, Tritan plastic and has the same kind of silicone grip as the Lokai bracelets, according to the site. It's 19 ounces too, which is slightly larger than the average store bought bottle. The only downside to the launch is that it only holds cold liquid, which isn't really that big of a problem at all.

That's not the only amazing thing about the bottle either. You can actually personalize your bottle to your drinking style. With the initial purchase, you'll get the bottle and a flat-topped lid. For $6 extra, you can buy a variety of different lids as well. There's Adventure, Study, and Sport.

Adventure and Sport are your typical water bottle lids. The first is the pop-up lid and the second is a screw-off top that you can clip onto your bag. The last is my personal favorite. The Study lis a screw on lid that has a straw with it.

Unfortunately, the lids don't come in a bundle though. So you'll have to buy each one separately. Proceeds from the caps go towards charity as well. Honestly, you really can't go wrong with any of these options, in my opinion. There's no telling whether they're limited edition or will be a part of their permanent line, so I'd snag one while you still can.

Images: livelokai/Instagram (1)