Get All Of Live Lokai's LE Bracelets In One Bundle

The end of the year means wrapping up of all the amazing launches and collaborations that there have been. This time it's easier than ever to take a look back. Thanks to The Lokai Pact, you can now get all of Live Lokai's limited-edition colors in one bundle. That's right! They're bringing back all of their retired band colors, so you have one more chance to shop. How much is The Lokai Pact, you ask? This collection of bracelets is definitely worth the cost.

Every year Live Lokai works with tons of different charities to create different colored bracelets with proceeds going to the cause. This year they've working with organizations like Make A Wish and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation to raise money and awareness. If you missed out on some of these awesome collabs, then you're in luck. They've put a set together of six different limited-edition, and currently unavailable, colors together. It includes the red, light blue, purple, dark blue, rainbow, and neon pink.

The Lokai Pact set will cost you $98. That might seem like a hefty price, but you have to consider how much you get. Like I said before, this is your last chance to get all of these retired colors. Plus $6 from every single set goes towards the charity.

Considering that these bracelets cost $18, you're saving about four dollars per bracelet. That's not all you'll get either. It comes with it's very own case as well. This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to give back and get some fabulous bracelets all at the same time.

You'll have to act fast, if you want one of these sets though. According to the site, The Lokai Pact is limited edition and limited quantity. So if you want to snag all six colors in your size, I'd head over there and shop them right now.

The Lokai Pact, $98,

How cute is that! You could easily divide these up and give them as gifts or keep them all for yourself. Either way you can't go wrong with this buy.

Images: livelokai/Instagram