Blac Chyna's Mom Speaks Out About Rob

by Loretta Donelan

Things are not looking good for Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's relationship, but Chyna's mother apparently doesn't think all is lost for the new parents. On Instagram, Tokyo Toni reportedly defended Kardashian and Chyna from the breakup rumors that have swirled since Chyna appeared to leave her fiancée. "Everything will be fine," Toni allegedly wrote in a long paragraph posted as an Instagram comment. While the original rant is elusive, and Tokyo Toni's account is private, The Shade Room saved Toni's alleged comment in a screenshot.

In the alleged comment, Toni addressed the rumors that Chyna left Kardashian, taking their newborn baby Dream with her. She accuses the internet, and the original poster, of meddling in others' business, and attributes Kardashian's social media posts, which claims that Chyna never loved him and took off with no warning, to mental health issues and insecurities. "I have spoken to Rob and asked him to get therapy but yet he have not seeked it yet," Toni allegedly wrote. "At the end of the day they will still be together, I promise you. Rob just have to get Mr. Insecure off of his back!"

Toni's depiction of Kardashian as jealous and insecure will ring true for those who watched Rob and Chyna, the E! reality series about the celebrity couple. Kardashian snooped on Chyna's phone on multiple occasions, and insecurities about his weight and appearance often made him hesitate to go out in public. His latest outburst was prompted by an apparent hack of Chyna's Instagram that appeared to reveal screenshots of Chyna's texts, in which she allegedly mocked Kardashian and flirted with other men. In response, Kardashian posted emotionally to Snapchat and Instagram about Chyna's alleged betrayal, taking a video of their house to show that Chyna and Dream had apparently left with their belongings. However, Chyna appeared to deny Kardashian's accusations in a separate post to a new Instagram account, reportedly writing that his reaction was misguided and that she was done with him. (Bustle has reached out to both Chyna and Kardashian's reps for comment, but hasn't heard back at this time.)

While lots of fans and media outlets have taken this series of events as evidence that the couple is done for good, it's telling that Chyna's mother is apparently hopeful about the relationship. Toni appeared on Rob and Chyna, but she wasn't always supportive of Kardashian, giving him an emotional speech about loyalty on one of the show's episodes. Of course, it's very possible that Toni (as Chyna's mom) knows things about their latest fight that the rest of us don't, so we'll just have to wait and see how the rest of this turns out.