Did Blac Chyna Really Leave Rob Kardashian? The Drama Keeps Coming

If you typically keep up with the Kardashians but stayed away from social media the last day or so, you may want to sit down for this. On Saturday night, Rob Kardashian took to Snapchat and Instagram, telling his followers that Blac Chyna allegedly left him. To make the situation even more dramatic, Chyna's Instagram seems to have been hacked earlier in the day, with the account uploading screenshots of conversations that were allegedly between Chyna and others to "expose" her real motivations for her relationship with Kardashian. But, is this all some kind of stunt, or has Blac Chyna really left Rob Kardashian for good? Bustle has reached out to both stars' reps for comment, but hasn't heard back at this time.

While Kardashian and Chyna have both made some grandiose breakup statements on social media before, I am not sure they've ever taken it this far. Case in point, on Saturday, Kardashian took fans on a Snapchat and Instagram tour of his now mostly empty house, claiming to his followers that Chyna left and took all of the kids' belongings with her. Not only does he pan to Dream's nursery with a solitary rocking chair and a few toys, but he goes into King's bare room as well.

Kardashian seemed more than aware that people might have some skepticism over the validity his statements that Chyna reportedly left him. In the caption of the video, Kardashian claims that this isn't "for ratings," saying,

In another video, Kardashian is seen giving a confessional of sorts, while tearing up. He also posted several memes about his current situation, but said that he's very upset over the situation and taking it seriously.

If you're not willing to take Kardashian's word on it, though, maybe you'll take Chyna's. As ET Online points out, Chyna, too, discussed the alleged split, reportedly writing ā€” and then, later, deleting ā€” the following:

She allegedly continued on, addressing all of the accusations against her and providing further insight into the drama, saying,

Regardless of which person you're willing to believe, one thing is clear ā€” whatever is happening between Chyna and Rob, it's a sad situation for all involved.