'Burn Notice': Should We Give Up All Hope for a Mike and Fionna Reunion?

Sonya, our favorite Russian operative slash unlikely Veronica Mars alum, has asked Mike to help take down the Collective, the Florida-based network of hackers who exposed her.

The two meet for a swanky lunch that becomes the first stage of their operation. To steal a virus from a software developer, Mike must pretend to be a doctor, and Sonya his wife. What if being a spy is basically just a high-stakes improv class? Mike gives their convulsing target an anti-seizure injection while Sonya snatches a flash drive from his pocket.

The next phase: breaking into the hackers' headquarters to transfer the virus into their mainframe. Mike bristles at Strong's insistence that Fionna be involved, but as usual, she proves to be an invaluable asset. Together they meet with Cody, a recruiter for the Collective, proving Mike's worthiness as a hacker (and potential hire) by "accessing" the city's power grid—with Sam, Jesse and Sonya manually shutting down the electricity at a local station.

To bypass the Collective's seemingly impenetrable security system, Mike and Fi find their way onto the building's roof. Mike narrowly saves Fionna from falling to her death, inspiring all manner of sentimental flashbacks. Y'all. Need. To. Get. Back. Together.

But it's not long before a suspicious higher-up catches on to Mike (of course). The team shifts into Holy Crap mode. Sam and Jesse bluff their way into convincing Cody that that they're federal agents—and trick him into planting the virus himself. Mission accomplished.

Feeling lonesome, Mike asks for more responsibility within Sonya's organization, even though joining them would require the utter obliteration of his personal life. His request turns into a tearful meltdown: "I have given up everything! I have nothing!"

Because this is television, and the laws of television dictate that tearful meltdowns lead to sex, they sleep together. But... but... Fike? Mionna?!

Image via USA