This Feminist Baby Comic Is Going Viral

In the year 2016, it's become more clear than ever that we all need to collectively step it up as a human race, and infants are no exception. As illustrator and painfully funny human Loryn Brantz demonstrates in her latest viral Feminist Baby comic, if we're going to make real progress over the next few decades to prevent another 2016 from happening again, we're going to have to start in utero, y'all. Meet Feminist Baby, who is here to prove that your feminist heroes come in all shapes and diapers.

This latest comic to go viral is actually a sneak preview of more yet to come, in the form of Brantz's forthcoming board book Feminist Baby , which comes out April 2017. And Feminist Baby has already proven that although she is not the hero we asked for, she is decidedly the one we need right now. She's here smashing your patriarchy, speaking her truths, and not taking anybody's crap — that being said, if the parentals could deal with hers until she's potty-trained, that would be ace.

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Here is the latest of Feminist Baby's adventures, which will make you want to fist bump this tiny champion through the comic panels.

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This particular comic was inspired by a tweet by miliondollameat, rewritten for Feminist Baby's set. And the good news is, if you cannot find it in your impatient heart to wait until April to experience Feminist Baby in all of its woke glory, then you can hold yourself over with Brantz's hilarious Instagram account, which shares both hella relatable comics and animations.

We even occasionally get previews into Feminist Baby itself!

So while we all leave the veritable dumpster fire of 2016 and forge ahead into gaseous unknown of 2017, hold your head slightly higher knowing that although we may have lost some battles this year, the next generation will soon be joining our ranks — one feminist baby at a time.

Images: Courtesy of Loryn Brantz