‘Voice’ Winner Sundance Head Says His Upcoming Album Could Feature His Fellow Contestants

Even though he won the singing competition, The Voice is not the end of Sundance Head's story; it's just the beginning of a new chapter. Of course, fans have a million questions about what's next for him now that the show is over. Thankfully, for everyone who watched him on the show, there is a new album on the way and it sounds like it will please fans.

"I’m going to meet with the record label, I suppose sometime after Christmas," he tells Bustle via phone. "My plan, even though my plans hardly ever work out, is to go camping on this trip and pen songs that I really want to write."

Even though Head plans to meet with his label once the holidays are over, he does emphasize that he really wants to do things the right way and make sure that he has the time to write the best songs that he can. "I really need to take the time to write," he says. "I have had some really wonderful experiences. I’ll take my trusty Taylor out and just make some music, because that’s really what I’m excited about."

Fans of the show — and people who were familiar with Head as an artist before the show — probably have a pretty good idea of the kind of album he'll make. And, for the most part, Head plans to stay true to form. "I’ve been writing pretty much the same kind of music for the last year and a half or so, which is something that kind of fell on me by accident," he says.

"I wrote ‘Darling Don’t Go’ for my wife when we got into an argument and that was the song we recorded from the Soul Country record this summer before I came out here," he says of a song he wrote before The Voice. "If you listen to that record, you get an idea of where I want to go musically.”

Even though Head does plan on sticking to the kind of music that really resonated with his fans this season, he does admit, "That can change though. It depends on what’s happening in my heart at any given time.” For instance, he mentions the Alicia Keys cover he did on the show, which was a little out of his wheelhouse. “I had the opportunity to sing ‘No One’ by Alicia Keys and do some R&B runs vocally," he says. Obviously, it went well.

With Blake Shelton as his coach and country style that really worked well for him, it's safe to say that Head is going to move forward with what really fits him, but don't be surprised if he brings in some other influences: He's interested in getting the entire top 12 from the show together for a song.

"I think it would be really neat if we could all collaborate on a song for my record," he says. "I think that would be really special for everybody. I really think that all of the top 12 just deserve a shot at some kind of notoriety. We’ve all worked really hard so I think that would something really special.”

Fans will have to wait a while longer before the album comes their way, but it sounds like he's going to give them exactly what they're looking for.