7 Positions To Try Before 2017

It's been a rough year, I know it has. But it's not over yet and there's no point in just sitting around and waiting to see what else 2016 can throw at us. Let's try to end it on a high, to fit as much awesome as possible into the end of this year. We still have a couple of weeks, so let's end 2016 with as much fun and merriment as we can squeeze in, because we totally deserve it. And of course, for me, that means taking it to the bedroom. There's been a lot of talk about the best sex positions or sex positions you need to try, so why not put them to work? I mean, how many of them have you actually tried? Instead of just thinking about trying new things, let's use the remaining days of the year to fit in all of that sexy fun that we've been putting off.

The best part? We can change up the end of the year and change up our sex lives in one final swoop. There's nothing too out there, too strange, too difficult to try. Because it's 2016, so what the hell? Let's give the craziest, toughest, weirdest positions a go. Let's send the year out with the bang of all bangs.

Here are seven sex positions to try before the year ends, because let's have some fun:

1. Seated

How To Do It: One of you sits on the edge of a bed— or couch, whatever works— while the other kneels in front, with your head in between their legs. Use your mouth, fingers, even a toy, and wrap your arms around their hips for more control.

Why It's Worth Trying: Because oral sex is one of the most neglected and forgotten sex acts, especially in a long-term relationship. But it is amazing when you do it right. There's something so sexy about getting comfortable and just focusing on your partner and whatever they like. Or having them focus on you. You can take turns and both enjoy.

2. Doggy With Vibrator

How To Do It: Easy, go into traditional doggy but with one of you holding your favorite toy. I say it should be you, because if you're going to go for it, you might as well really go for it. Treat yourself.

Why It's Worth Trying: Because sometimes you want to say eff it and just do you. Really do you. Get your vibrator, get what you need, and go to town. Deep doggy and clitoral stimulation — the dream.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

How To Do It: Unlike traditional reverse cowgirl, when you're kneeling, this position has your legs in front of you and your feet on the ground. It means you can bob up and down more easily and the view for them is even sexier.

Why It's Worth Trying: It's about really going for it. Full out, animalistic, bouncing up and down without any eye contact— it's a hedonistic celebration.

4. Advanced Crab Walk

How To Do It: Stretch first. Seriously, this is a tough one. Your partner gets into the crab position (yup, like the one from gym class) and you do the same, then shimmy your way over to them. Place your legs — carefully— up on their shoulder, while you guide them inside you. Have the lube close by.

Why It's Worth Trying: Because you may snap your hamstring, but who cares? Seriously though. It's a really difficult position so move slow, but you'll feel like a superhero if you can pull it off.

5. In A Chair

How To Do It: Your partner's job is easy, they just have to sit there. You then straddle your partner and slowly lower yourself down. You can bounce or grind and even use one hand to play with yourself. Their job is just eye contact and, if you're so inclined, maybe some dirty talk.

Why It's Worth Trying: Because there's no point in staying in the bedroom. It's a fun way to mix up your sex life— try it in the living room or anywhere there's a seat — plus, it's great for nipple play, eye contact, dirty talk, and just about anything else you could want.

6. The Seated Backbend

How To Do It: You can start in woman on top, but they have legs further apart than normal. Slowly — while your partner helps brace you — lower yourself down so your resting on their legs as they sit up. It may feel funny to get into, but it should be comfortable once you're there.

Why It's Worth Trying: Because it's a fun, unusual position — but you also get to lie back, surrender, and enjoy it. Great for clit play and an unusual view, it's really sexy for both of you.

7. Modified Doggy

How To Do It: One of my favorites — either start lying on your stomach while your partner lies on top of you or start in doggy position and slowly lower down onto your elbows. Either way, you can always use a pillow under your hips for comfort.

Why It's Worth Trying: Because at the end of this year, you just deserve to collapse. And collapsing with deep penetration and clit play is as much fun as it can possibly get.

Give these positions a try and end the year with a bang. A big damn bang.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle (7)