7 Positions That Are Way Better Than You'd Expect

Of all the fun sex positions out there, each one brings something different to the table, sexually speaking. From positions that are ideal for limber AF couples, ones that provide hardcore G-spot stimulation, to everything in between, there is a sex position out there for everyone.

Because there are so many sex positions to choose from, trying to cover them all can be taxing; believe me, I know, because I’ve tried. There are those that seem fantastic in theory (like 69), only to be a disappointment when executed because balls squashed up against your face is, again, only something that sounds divine in the theory. In contrast, there are those positions that may not seem very appetizing when you think about them, but when put into motion, are completely and totally magical. So much so, that you can’t help but wonder how you lived your entire sex life without them.

Since you shouldn’t have to go another day without a position that just might be destined to change your world for the better, here are seven sex positions that are way better than you’d expect. Remember, these positions can be done with two women as well.

1. Sideways Straddle

How to do it: With your partner on their back with one knee bent, you want to straddle the bent knee while facing away from them. From here, lower yourself onto them and start grinding against them.

Why it’s better than you’d expect: There's a reason why the sideways straddle is on the list for the best sex positions for the female orgasm: Because it’s awesome for clitoral stimulation. By the looks of it, or even trying to imagine it in your head, it doesn’t seem like it would be as fantastic as it, but once executed, it’s likely to become your new favorite.

2. The Three-Legged Dog

How to do it: For this one, I’m going to suggest you find yourself a wall or something else that will give you the necessary support you need so you don’t fall over. (But, if both you and your partner have impeccable balance, then feel free to ignore this suggestion.) While standing and facing each other, have your partner lift one of your legs and either hold it with their hand or balance it in the crook of their arm. With your leg up, you can be easily penetrated from this angle.

Why it’s better than you’d expect: There’s something really primal about having sex while standing up, because once you’re able to do so without falling over and making a big ol’ scene, you can do it anywhere. Which, personally, I think is a major selling point.

3. Side By Side

How to do it: For this position, you want to both be lying on your side, facing each other. As you pull in close to them, inch your way up a bit so your pelvis is a little higher than your partner's. Next, lift your top leg to allow them to enter you. From here, you can wrap your leg around their waist to pull them in closer to you.

Why it’s better than you’d expect: When it comes to sideways sex, a lot of people think of the spooning position because it’s so damn awesome for G-spot stimulation. But what’s great about this version of sideways sex is that you’re facing each other so you get the intimacy factor. It will also make your partner last longer — something you definitely want if you’re with a partner who struggles with controlling their orgasm.

4. The Bridge

How to do it: Starting in missionary for this one is the best way to get it going. But, instead of just lying flat, your partner, while on their knees, grabs your hips upward so they meet their hips as they enter you. Your back should be arched a bit, with your feet flat on the floor.

Why it’s better than you’d expect: This position provides both leverage for them to thrust you deeply, along with you being in control of how you want to rub your clitoris against them for stimulation. It’s basically a team effort and one that results in each person really enjoying themselves.

5. The Cross

How to do it: With your partner on their side and facing you, you want to swing your body around so you’re perpendicular to them, making a cross. From there, you can ease your body toward them until they're inside you. If it sounds confusing, think of it as if you’re sitting on your partner’s lap — lying down. With your legs over their hips, you can both gyrate until you have a position that feels good. Yes, it will take a tiny bit of maneuvering, before you nail the right position for this one.

Why it’s better than you’d expect: It’s really relaxing! A lot of positions require work, but this one is all about lying down with your partner and really enjoying sex in a relaxed way. It’s a position that’s best when you have a whole afternoon to have sex, without a care in the world.

6. X Marks The Spot

How to do it: Because you’ll be lying down and your partner will be standing, you’re going to need to find a surface where both your pelvises are at the same height — most likely a bed or kitchen table will do the trick. While lying down, lift your legs straight up, then cross them at either your knees or ankles — whatever is most comfortable — then have your partner enter you, while holding your legs for support and leverage.

Why it’s better than you’d expect: It’s so tight! When you cross your legs, you’re tightening up the muscles in your vagina making this a perfect position for partners with smaller penises.

7. Sitting

How to do it: With your partner sitting crossed-legged, you want to straddle them and lower yourself onto their lap. From here, wrap your legs and arms around them tightly, while wiggling your hips a bit. Once everything is good to go, you can either bounce a bit or grind in circles against your partner, depending on what sensation you prefer.

Why it’s better than you’d expect: This position is SO intimate. You’re not just completely wrapped around each other, but you’re facing each other, too, which means lots of kisses and a boatload of eye contact. It’s probably not the most ideal position for a quickie or a one-night stand, but if you’re in love, like madly in love, this is the one for you.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle (7)