Welcome to The Room Worth $45k/Night

Answer me this: Would you drop $45,000 to spend a night — one single night — in the most expensive hotel room in North America? I probably wouldn’t, but here’s what you get if you’re the type who would. Ladies and gents, meet the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite, courtesy of Business Insider’s video tour of the place. Just make sure you take your shoes off on the way in, okay?

Located 52 stories up at the New York Four Seasons, the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite is one of the top five most expensive hotel rooms in the world. It took seven years and $50,000,000 —that’s 50 million dollars — to build; and with a price tag as steep as it is, you can bet that it offers every single bell or whistle you could possible want, along with a whole bunch more you probably never even knew existed.

For instance, the suite comes with a butler who will be at your beck and call 24/7. You also get access to a chauffeured Rolls Royce. All the food and drink you could possibly jam in your face comes with it, including disgusting amounts of champagne and caviar. And there’s a spa with a personal trainer who will give you incredible massages whenever you want them.

I’ll be honest: I firmly believe that the most exciting part of this place is the library. I love libraries, and I would dearly love one day to live in a place that’s big enough to have one that’s not just a bunch of bookshelves taking up all the space in my bedroom. Also, the Ty Warner Penthouse library comes with a piano in it — a Bosendorfer, which just so happens to be the type that Tori Amos plays — and, well… let’s just say that although I could do without the champagne and caviar, I would happily live in that library until the end of time. Even if the gilded bronze accents in it cost about 15 years’ salary for me.

In case all that wasn’t enough, though, the bathroom is made entirely out of clad crystal, and the $65,000 bed is covered with a bedspread adorned with 22 karat gold threat. I can barely comprehend staying in a place this expensive, but it’s still bizarrely fascinating to gawk at, anyway. Head on over to Business Insider to watch the video tour. Be warned, though: Your mind is about to be blown even more than it already has been.

Image: Four Seasons Hotel New York