Ryan Reynolds To Star In Super Serious Nazi Movie, But Do You Take Him Seriously?

Do you smell the attempt at Oscar bait? Ryan Reynolds will be starring in a Nazi art theft movie called Woman in Gold alongside Helen Mirren and this might be his chance to finally turn around his slew of ill-fated movies. Also, do you hear that? It's the sound of Reynolds silently crying, "TAKE ME SERIOUSLY, PLEASE."

Because, let's face it: what does one do when they want to turn around their career? I mean, besides starring with Helen Mirren. When you're vouching to redeem yourself from a string of flops, you attach yourself to a movie that's "based on a true story" — and usually, that true story happened in a war. Throw in an wise old talented lady, and you're set! Hello, awards season!

The film, called Woman in Gold , has a script by Alexis Kay Campbell and will be helmed by Simon Curtis. It stars Mirren as the real-life Maria Altmann, a Jewish woman who survived World War II. She struggled to fight the Austrian government to get back paintings by artist Gustav Klimt that were taken from her family during the war. Reynolds will co-star as the attorney who will help out with this legal battle even though he knows very little about art. See? Perfect role for Reynolds! He just has to show up next to art, without actually knowing anything about it, and he still can win. This is YOUR vehicle, Ryan Reynolds.

And if Woman in Gold doesn't take him on a ride toward artistic ascension, then he always has that talking cat movie from Sundance, The Voices , which Lionsgate recently acquired.

It's okay, Ryan. We're rooting for you.