The Pantsuit Nation Book Has A Release Date!

In late October, a secret Facebook group of women and allies stood up to authoritarian bullying with organization and vigor. Now, there's good news for the millions of members in that group and all the local chapters it spawned, because the official Pantsuit Nation book is coming next summer from Flatiron Books.

Following Hillary Clinton's concession speech, in which she referenced the "secret, private Facebook sites" that supported her, Pantsuit Nation founder Libby Chamberlain hired a literary agent to handle incoming offers. The two eventually struck a deal with Flatiron Executive Editor Whitney Frick.

Although the deal is hers, Chamberlain stresses that the official Pantsuit Nation book will be a collaborative effort, "amplify[ing] the collective voices of the women who shared their stories of overcoming or facing sexism, racism or xenophobia." To that end, the book will contain actual posts from the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group, and "will maintain the random, serendipitous feel of scrolling through a Facebook page" by mixing text and media posts in an uncategorized, streamlike manner.

New York Magazine reports that, in addition to signing the book deal with Frick and Flatiron, "Chamberlain has also filed the paperwork to establish Pantsuit Nation as a nonprofit organization." For more information, check out the Pantsuit Nation website and public Facebook page, and follow #pantsuitnation on Twitter and Instagram. The official Pantsuit Nation book comes out May 2017 from Flatiron Books.