How Much Are Milk Makeup's Lip Metals? Here’s What They Will Cost You

It's that special time of year again where all beauty lovers are on the search for the perfect holiday lippie. Thankfully, Milk Makeup has created two metallic shades that are unlike anything you've seen before. They combined one of the best trends of the year with a classic to make sure you end the year on a gorgeous note. How much are Milk Makeup Lip Metals, you ask? They're pricier than your average lippies but worth every single penny.

Milk Makeup has had a big year in makeup. They're created some completely unique products that the world has never seen before, and the brand is ending on the same note. To round out the year, they created a new lip formula to stay on the sparkly trend — Lip Metals. The new formula comes in two gorgeous rosy shades that could easily be worn any time, any season, but just happen to be perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Each of the colors, Buffy and Slayer, cost $28 each. That's a bit more expensive than the other lip products in the range, but considering how gorgeous these colors are, it makes perfect sense. The dusty rose and berry shades both come in a sleek, metal package and give off the most subtle and sophisticated shine. This is anything but your average metallic.

How stunning are those colors! According to the site, the Lip Metals has a foil-like finish that's a no-budge formula. Don't think that it's drying though. It's infused with lotus oil, and mineral complex to keep lips hydrated and feeling comfortable.

Lip Metal, $28,

Just like the formula, the packaging is trend-forward as well. Instead of a liquid lipstick tube, it's a twist up. The application is a brush, so you just paint it on your lips as well. Milk Makeup is known for being creative for their products and packaging, so it comes as no surprise that they did things a bit differently.

Nothing that they've posted says that these shades are limited edition, so you should have ample time to add them to your collection. Fingers crossed that they come out with even more shades as well, because these are absolutely gorgeous.

Images: MilkMakeup/Instagram (1), Milk Makeup (1)