How To Design A Pair Of Puma Creepers With Rihanna (& Get The Whole Line For Yourself)

Rihanna's Puma creepers have consistently sold out within minutes whenever a new pair hits shelves, so if you've been looking for a way to get your hands on a pair (not to mention help RiRi design a pair of creepers), there is one way to do it, although it's definitely a long shot.

If you donate to the Clara Lionel Foundation, which Rihanna created in honor of her grandparents to help improve education around the world, you'll be entered to win a bunch of dope prizes, including the ability to help Rihanna design a pair of the Fenty x Puma creepers everyone is obsessed with, and you'll get the entire set of RiRi's Puma creepers as a thank you. It's quite possible that the only other person in the world with the entire Fenty x Puma creeper line in her closet is Rihanna herself.

Some of the other prizes up for grabs are a pair of chaps that Rihanna wore on her ANTI tour, a pair of Rihanna-designed Dior sunglasses and the vinyl box set of Rihanna's eight albums. To enter to win any of these awesome prizes, all you have to do is donate a minimum of $10 to Rihanna's Clara Lionel Foundation for one entry.

The more money you donate, the more chances you'll get, for example, if you donate $1000, you'll receive 250 entries. And while your odds of winning might be low, you can sleep well at night knowing that you helped a good cause.

And if you get to help Rihanna design a new pair of Puma Creepers, it's truly a win-win.