Kelly Ripa Excuses James Franco For Hitting on 17-Year-Old, Because "It Happens To Everybody" — VIDEO

Just when you thought the James Franco Instagram scandal couldn’t get any more unbelievable, Kelly Ripa decided to make matters even more baffling by excusing the actor for his texts with a 17-year-old girl because, “It happens to everybody.” The talk show host for Live! With Kelly and Michael continued by saying:

I think it happens to movie stars on a much grander scale like you just said, because everybody knows who you are.

Wait, seriously? I'm fairly certain that I — a member of "everybody" — haven't found myself chatting up underaged Instagram users. And I'm also fairly certain that Carlos Danger taught us that no matter how high-profile you are, you can't get away with inappropriate texting behavior. Come on, Ripa — we expect better from one of the most powerful women in morning television.

But the next time this thing that happens to me and everybody, I’ll make sure to plan my fame around it first so I just get a slap on the wrist. Because all that matters is I'd apologize, right Ripa? Thanks for the advice (and for your daily inspiration rocking a seriously amazing wardrobe), but I think this responder to the video put it best when she said:

Here's hoping this whole thing is a hoax, including Ripa's ridiculous comment.

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