What Your Favorite '90s Memory Says About You Now

You can tell a lot about a person from their favorite '90s memory. What you loved most about the '90s really speaks to who you are today. For instance, are you someone who hasn't let go of the '90s, and still lives every day as if it's 1995? Or are you someone who feels so blessed to have moved on from the technologically scant era onto something bigger and better? There's no doubt that growing up in the '90s shaped you, but as much as we go on about your '90s nostalgia, every individual has something different that was formative for them, personally.

And of course, what one person remembers from the '90s might have passed another entirely by. I was talking to a friend recently about Samurai Pizza Cats, and I was met with nothing but a blank stare and the sound of crickets. That must say something about me: that my parents let me watch too much TV, perhaps, and now I'm a TV/pop culture junkie. And about my friend: they never truly lived during the '90s (I mean Samurai Pizza Cats, come on!) and as a result are probably a bitter twisted husk of a human. Here's what your favorite '90s memory says about you now.

1. Friends Debuting

You still identify as either a Ross, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel or Monica. You love TV and watch all the best sitcoms from VEEP to You're The Worst religiously. But you're also super social, and love seeing friends and family, even in the simplest scenarios. You probably have a lot of sweaters.

2. Watching Labyrinth For The First Time And Getting All The Feels

You grew up to be really, really cool. You're also a massive romantic and kind of still hope that maybe fairies are real, but you wouldn't admit it on account of your coolness. You're probably one of the three people on earth that can actually pull off wearing blue eyeshadow. David Bowie's death felt like the death of a relative.

3. The Day Your Parents Got The Internet On The Home PC

You have every social media account known to humankind. You probably even work in social media and communications. You're a BuzzFeed personified. The internet is your boyfriend.

4. Doing Seances At Slumber Parties

You have candles everywhere and still believe in ghosts and the afterlife. You believe that everything happens for a reason, and are generally a pretty chilled person as a result. You'll never stop listening to Nirvana, no matter how bad you realize they were in retrospect.

5. Collecting Beanie Babies

You like everything twee and kitschy. If you're not a hoarder, congratulations. If you are, that's OK too. You're definitely not great at saving money, and will spend frivolously on whatever you flavor of the month might be.

6. When Elizabeth Hurley Wore That Versace Dress

You're an absolute glamazon. You love high fashion of the sexiest kind. You're self possessed, ambitious, and have an immaculate home with the most stylish decor and furnishing. You're an Alpha personality for sure, and you always get what you want.

7. Looking After And Alternately Murdering Your Tamagotchi

You now have real life pets that you love and never murder on purpose. You love gaming, and are probably still getting really excited about new X-Men movies.

8. When The Spice Girls Were A Happy Fivesome

We need five for the power of Spice! You've grown up to be a loud, ostentatious person who doesn't hide their opinions. Yes, you're a feminist (whether you're a man or a woman). You love your friends above all else and don't take any grief from the patriarchy. Fun is your middle name.

9. Wearing Butterfly Clips And Hair Mascara And Making Your Hair All Twisty

You're a bit of a kook and love trying new things. You don't believe in "looking cool" and generally live life to the fullest, doing what feels good and what you like rather than what's chic or expected. You hate predictability. You're probably a bit of a cutie too.

10. The Era Of The Supermodel

You love the idea of health and wellness and work out a lot. You eat ethically and enjoy clean living. You're most comfortable in an over-sized t-shirt and blue jeans, and are pretty casual most of the time.

11. Memorizing And Repeating Lines From Clueless

You love shopping. You're a mini-diva, but in a really fun way. You're always sweet and kind but also demanding and know what you want. You certainly don't give into peer pressure, and you're always on top of your game, whether it's socially or professionally.

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