11 Types Of Photos You'll Find In Your '90s Albums

Going back through your old memories can be a phenomenal experience, especially considering the types of photos you'll find in your '90s album. Chances are, those photos are going to make you laugh and cringe in equal measure. You'll be lording over #tbt with your old school outtakes. Because the '90s were so awkward and weird, and you were still growing up back then, and fawning all over dorky things like the Backstreet Boys and Tamagotchis, your photo albums are pure gold. You can only be thankful you didn't leave your '90s self as a digital imprint, the way people are doing now. Because as much fun as it is to look back, it's also nicer to be able to curate what parts of your embarrassing youth the world should see.

We all have our unique memories of the '90s, but we have some shared ones too. I challenge you to look down this list of photos and tell me you don't have ANY of them in your '90s album. You won't be able to, and if you do, you're lying. There are certain types of photos we ALL took in the '90s, without exception. If you owned or had access to a camera, it was almost mandatory to have certain types of photos taken with it. Here are 11 types of photos you'll find in your '90s album:

1. Many Where Everyone Is Doing The Charlie's Angels Finger Gun Pose

For whatever reason, Charlie's Angels finger guns were chic in the '90s. Something that Hollywood obviously cashed in on with the 2000 release of the Charlie's Angels movie. Maybe Charlie's Angels is timeless — all I know is that '90s albums are littered with them, but I haven't pulled the pose since.

2. A Few Where You're Clearly A Teenager And Clearly Super Annoyed At Whatever Your Parents Just Did To Embarrass You

You know the one — everyone else is having a great time at Universal Studios and you're sulking in the corner of the photo in your giant E.T. t-shirt that reaches your knees.

3. At Least One Where You And Your Friends Are Laying On Grass In A Circle With All Your Heads Touching That Is Taken From Above

Exactly the same as the Babysitter's Club one except awkward and everyone is squinting in agony at the sun.

4. A Sensationally Awkward Prom/School Dance Date Photo

What is it about '90s school dances and the ensuing date photo that is so much more awkward than any other era of school dance?

5. One Where You're Wearing White Pants

We lived much more fearless lives back then re: stains on our white clothes.

6. A Photoshoot's Worth Of You And Your Girlfriends Before A Party, All Wearing Matching But Different Enough Outfits

It was the golden age of Destiny's Child, so of course you and your friends coordinated outfits so that you all looked thematic but not exactly the same.

7. An Era Of Photos Where You Have A Mangled "Rachel" Hair Style

Then there's the era of the flat, mangled "Rachel" do you were so proud of at the time, but which looking back, is more Carol Brady gone wrong than young Jennifer Aniston.

8. Another Era Of Photos Where You Have Bleached Front "Fringe Bits"

Sun In, lemon, or straight up bleach: every '90s album will feature a period where two perfectly chosen tendrils of hair at the front of your head were blonde as hell.

9. At Least One Photo Of You And Your Friends Doing A Human Pyramid

Who has done a human pyramid since the '90s? What was it about human pyramids that was the pinnacle of "pal-ing around" back then? I was tiny, so I was always on top, but the whole thing was still kind of terrifying.

10. A Whole Bunch Of Photos From That Time Your Parents Took You To Madame Tussauds And Then Planet Hollywood For Lunch

Wax museums and theme restaurants are a bit of a joke to you now, but in the '90s they were a massive treat. When Madame Tussauds came to town you counted down the sleeps until you got to go, and posed awkwardly with every single wax-work, for which every pose there was a photo. You might have gone through more than one roll of film on a day like that!

11. One Hidden Somewhere Deep In The Archives Where You And Your Bestie Stuffed Your Swimsuits With Tissues And Took Pictures Of Each Other For Literally No Discernible Reason

No one knows why we did this in the '90s, but we did. Alone with one best friend, we'd think it was SO NAUGHTY to put on our frilly one piece bathing suits, stuff the bra area with tissues, and take photos of each other. Not doing anything suggestive, but rather, making fun of being suggestive. A lot of weird stuff went down in the '90s.

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