Pros & Cons of the Rumored 'Friends' Musical

Before we get started, it's important to remember that none of this is at all official or confirmed, and to try and keep all of your hopes at a manageable level. Ready? Supposedly, Jennifer Aniston wants to create a Friends musical for Broadway and has approached Sheryl Crow to write some 90s-style music for it, all according to an anonymous source. It wouldn't be a reunion of any kind, just Friends as a Broadway musical, with new actors taking over the iconic roles.

It's a lot for any Friends fan to handle, especially as the 10th anniversary of the series' end approaches, but let's not forget we've been burned before. There were rumors of a reunion that started around Thanksgiving of 2012 and were debunked by Matthew Perry, then on Friday false rumors of another reunion started, thanks to a fan-mode poster. And while the report of a musical isn't a reunion, fans should still keep their guard up until someone directly involved confirms it.

Besides, a musical adaptation of the series isn't exactly a suitable replacement for a real, what-have-they-been-up-to reunion of the original cast. While yes, a Broadway show sounds kind of awesome, it still has its drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons of the alleged Friends musical.

Pro: We Just Miss Friends

At this point, we'll take what we can get, right? We freak out when any cast member appears on another's show or mention Friends in an interview. A Broadway show with an all new cast should at least hold us over for a while.

Con: It Can't Have Many Storylines

Friends had 10 long seasons, Broadway shows tend to be under three hours. The musical would probably have to focus on specific story arc or season, because trying to fit in too much wouldn't give each story the time it deserves. How could someone even choose between Ross and Rachel's breakup and Chandler and Monica falling in love? Or Phoebe having the triplets and Joey getting his own place? It's impossible.

Pro: The Music Would Be Great

Just imagine Phoebe singing a song written specifically for her by Sheryl Crow. "We were on a break" could have its own musical number, "How You Doin?" could become a chorus. The possibilities are endless.

Con: The Casting Might Not Be

The same source who "announced" all of this also said that Aniston has her eye on Glee's Lea Michele to play Rachel. No. No. No. Just because Michele has experience playing someone named Rachel doesn't mean she's right for the role. It's hard to imagine anyone being better for the role than Aniston herself and the same goes for the rest of the cast. Maybe they'd be better off sticking to unknowns, there's just too much pressure to embody our beloved friends.

Con: We'll Have to Say Goodbye Again

No matter if the musical is great or terrible, we'd have to say goodbye to Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey all over again. It was hard enough the first time and might be even worse a second. If this musical does happen, which I really hope it does, make sure to bring some real friends with you. You'll probably need their emotional support.

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