5 Makeup Looks That Shout 'Spring Is Here!'

There's no better feeling than shoving your coat back into the depths of your closet (boy, bye!) and swapping your boots out for your sneakers or ballet flats. That's the magic of springtime, the season in which you basically feel like a new person — and look like one, too, since you're no longer hidden under eight layers of fleece. And just as the change in weather demands an entire wardrobe change, it also merits a new spring makeup routine.

Sure, we had a great time with our inky nail polish and goth-inspired lipstick, but spring is all about longer days, bright sunlight, and new blooms everywhere. So your makeup should match that fresh vibe — think touches like a natural flush, bright lips, and skin so dewy it looks like you've just gotten back from a yoga retreat. Those are classic for a reason, and while they're still gorgeous for 2017, there are newer and cooler-than-ever makeup looks to try right now. So if you're looking to switch it up, you're in luck. We've partnered with Burt's Bees to bring you all the beauty inspo you could possibly need — so (spring) clean your brushes and get applying.

Pastel Eyes

A quick swipe of a pastel shadow is the quickest way to brighten up your whole look with practically zero effort. We're loving this lavender shade, but are also huge fans of a subtle blue or green to take things up a notch.

Some-Makeup Makeup

No-makeup makeup is so 2016. In its place this year is some-makeup makeup — that is, a healthy sweep of blush and a light, neutral tint on the lips, but not much more than that. A soft mauve shade like Burt's Bees Lipstick in Blush Basin gives your natural lip color a boost (and, in a pinch, your cheeks, too). It's your number-one option if you're low-key about your makeup — or if you've slept through your alarm. (Hey, it happens.)

Monochromatic Makeup

Matching your mani to your pedi: Cool — way back before you were even born. Matching your eyeshadow to your blush and to your lips, though, is cool right now. Monochromatic makeup means you only stick with one color family, like peach or pink, all over the face. For an ultra soft, romantic vibe, try applying Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Oil, which works well for a date-night situation.

Bright Underliner

Bid goodnight and goodbye to your smoky eye forever. (Or at least until next winter.) A more minimalist — and, frankly, much easier — way to wear a smoldering eye look is with vivid underliner. In a bright color like cobalt, purple, or turquoise, a clean streak of liner beneath your lower lash-line adds all the drama you could possibly need for girls' night out.

Red Lips

Forget those matte liquid lipsticks that require you to check your teeth in the mirror every 10 seconds. For spring, there's nothing better than a classic red lip, and we love the vibrant pop of color that Burt's Bees Lipstick in Scarlet Soaked offers. Not only is this look a cinch to put together (a swipe of mascara and a touch of concealer will do the trick), but with the eight-hour moisturizing formula, you won't have to stress about reapplying all day.

Images: Bustle (1); Anaa Saber/Instagram; Kara Haupt/Instagram; Jenna Wexler/Instagram; Arasy Alamsyah/Instagram; Chloe Metzger/Instagram.

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