Johnny Depp Adorably Clears Up Mysteries Surrounding Engagement to Amber Heard

Sometimes, celebrities coming forward to acknowledge a rumor can be a cause for celebration. Being in the public eye basically means that you're every move is going to be scrutinized by the media and guessing that those two co-stars who are always spending time together off set are dating and then finding out that you called it is a moment of validation. Sometimes, however, they're just telling us something that they've made so obvious that it's redundant to say it. That's what happened when Johnny Depp confirmed that he and Amber Heard were engaged. Since last year, Heard had been seen wearing a ring and they were rumored to have had an engagement party. The appropriate response to his subtle admission was: Well, duh.

The real mystery of the engagement was surrounding Depp's engagement ring. Instead of calling it an engagement ring, he identified it as a "chick's ring" when he was asked about it on The Today Show. Yes, I know that it's usually the woman who gets to show off the huge diamond to all of her family and friends after an engagement, but the feminist in me was a little offended by the strict adherence to gender norms that Depp was implying in that statement. A ring with a diamond on it is just a ring, not a chick's ring. Wasn't the fact that he felt comfortable wearing it proof enough? Women aren't the only ones who love jewels and jewelry. Look at basically any rap video.

Turns out that I was correct to stomp down on my indignant rage this time. Depp was referring to his ring as a woman's ring because it was literally a woman's ring. "It was too big for my girl," Depp admitted on the Late Show with David Letterman. "...She has the other one that fits."

The romantic ideal of engagement rings kind of fell flat on its face for Depp and Heard, because Depp had no idea what Heard's ring size was when he bought her the ring and it was too big. So he kept it for himself and bought her another one that fit her better. Nothing says romance than sliding a ring onto your fiancée's finger and having it slide right off, I guess. At the very least, it would make for a funny story if either of them ever decided to share that story with the world.

Image: Tumblr