Kathryn Vs. Craig On The Next 'Southern Charm'

by Lia Beck

On the most recent episode of Southern Charm, it was made clear that Kathryn "Not An Official Cast Member" Dennis is the real star of the show. She's already been through a pregnancy scare with Thomas Ravenel, kissed Whitney Sudler-Smith, and her presence at last week's Carolina Day party ignited a fight between the two men. Drama happens around Kathryn wherever she and her giant eyelashes go and judging by a preview for Monday's episode of Southern Charm , this isn't stopping anytime soon.

In the clip, the whole gang is at Thomas' for a dinner party because, according to Bravo's description, "Thomas, wanting to make sure his friends don't make the same mistakes he has made, hosts a dinner to share with them his thoughts on their lives." You know, that thing where you invite people over, not to enjoy their company, but to tell all of them what you really think of all of the decisions they've made. No? You've never hosted a party like this?

The trouble in this instance is between Kathryn and Craig Conover and it starts (well, technically it started the moment they were invited) when Craig brings up that commitment in the Charleston dating scene is "its own world." Kathryn mentions, casually, that chivalry is dead and when Craig disagrees they launch into a back-and-forth that almost immediately ends up being about Kathryn's sex life. Kathryn says something to Shep Rose, that everyone can hear by the way, about not wanting to talk to people who think they have class but don't. Shep awesomely mouths, "Shut up!" But it's too late and Craig jumps in with, "Sleeping with three people at this table in the course of three weeks isn’t class so please don’t make comments about class." What happened to the chivalry talk?! Man, Bravo stars can really launch into an argument quickly.

Everyone at the table looks appropriately awkward, but the preview doesn't let us know who the three people are. Thomas is one obviously and there's only four other men at the table: Whitney, who we know she kissed, Shep, Craig, and that other dude who's friends with Thomas. Was this just an insult from Craig or will the truth come out on Monday? Guess we'll have to wait and see. For now I leave you with these!

Image: Bravo