'Captain America's Chris Evans Needs Your Help Naming His Next Movie

When Chris Evans said that he wanted to pursue more directing, the Internet went into a collective panic meltdown. How could Chris Evans quit acting? He's Captain America. Doesn't he have a contract with Marvel that will keep his face on our screens for many, many years to come? Yes, yes he does and he put those retirement rumors to rest easily enough. The reason for the rumors was the film 1:30 Train that Evans got a chance to direct last year and that sparked his interest in getting behind the camera rather than in front of it to begin with. But there's still one problem with the movie: it doesn't have a title.

Evans revealed to Vulture that 1:30 Train was just a placeholder title and that he was trying to think of something better, something that didn't have the words "night, city or strangers" in it. "I just read this one script that I loved called ‘The Amazing Adventures of the Monogamous Duck,’" said Evans. "The best title ever."

He might not be expecting his movie to have a title that good — especially since it's a romance movie about a woman, played by Alice Eve, who misses her train and spends the night talking to a stranger, played by Evans, at Grand Central Terminal — but he's still taking suggestions. It's a lot like playing the game Taboo, since the words he doesn't want in the title appear to be the words that would best describe his film, but that's probably exactly why Evans doesn't want them. He likes titles that "aren’t necessarily on the nose."

That Time I Got Stranded In New York City and Fell in Love With Chris Evans might be a little too specific for him in that case, but it's the only one that's coming to mind.