Wow, the 'GoT' Cast Members Are Brutal

OMG, GAME OF THRONES, YOU GUYS. Tomorrow! Nothing can ruin tomorrow! Well...except for one thing: Spoilers. What is worse than a spoiler? NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So it's fitting to see how the Game of Thrones cast would punish folks who give spoilers — and let's just say, the cast has ideas that are just as brutal as...well, Game of Thrones itself.

The answers they give are absolutely hilarious, specifically the answer which Rose Leslie (Ygritte) gives: She suggests cutting off hands and fingers (because, you know, typing and the Internet). I was expecting her to say, "bow-and-arrowed by Ygritte," considering how she attacked Jon Snow at the end of last season.

Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) gives a great answer as well — she suggests that whatever spoiler you give, you receive that respective punishment. For instance, let's say this was Season 1 (uh, I guess *SPOILER ALERT* if you haven't finished Season 1, but if it happened three years ago is it really a spoiler anymore? No. Congratulations on not reading anything on the Internet for three years) and you spoiled for someone that Ned Stark gets beheaded. Then you would get beheaded! How grim.

Anyway, check out the hilarious video and see the cast's funny, albeit cringe-inducing, answers. It should surely get you in the mood for the very grim Season 4, which premieres on Sunday April 6.