See This 'GoT' Star Sing Your New Favorite Song

If Game of Thrones was a musical, it’s quite obvious that Sansa Stark would be the leading lady. I mostly just say that because a) Sansa Stark is a queen, and b) the actress who plays her, Sophie Turner, revealed her musical chops in "Game of Moans," a song created by BBC Radio 1 (aka the gods who brought us this joy) called “Game of Moans.” No, it is not sexual as you’re probably assuming right now, but yes, it is just as magical as you hoped it would be.

The video begins with BBC 1 Radio DJ Matt Edmondson donning a white suit and introducing himself in using his full name (not unlike the beginning of a Pitbull song), letting us know that we are in for a special treat. When Edmonson asks Turner what gets on her nerves, she responds in her delightfully cute English accent with “Really bad rapping.” And so it begins…or as how Edmondson puts it, “You are not going to enjoy the next three minutes.”

But you will. You will enjoy it so much.

There are many colorful suits, several references to social media (because that seems to be a common trend in music videos nowadays), a shout out to The Lord of the Rings, and even a surprise appearance by Edmonson dressed as Joffrey Baratheon. I’m sure the actual King Joffrey was off killing people and being an ass somewhere anyway.

In the midst of rapping about how frustrating life can be, Turner comes in singing her little heart out, saying, “Life, it can be a game of moans; it has highs and lows. And things don’t always go your way, to yourself you have to say. That life, it is a game of moans and sometimes they’re overblown, but it can make you feel alone when people do not share your moans.” True that, girl. I’m not going to say that Turner should quit her day job and start singing, but there’s definitely no reason why she shouldn’t consider taking it up as a hobby while she acts. Girlfriend's got a good voice!

Among the things we moan about? Well, according to the song, which is actually quite accurate, seeing your boss at the gym equals #AWKS, having someone write your name incorrectly on a Starbucks coffee cup, and waiting for YouTube videos to buffer all bring us down at some point. So, it’s nice to see that Edmondson and Turner feel the same way.

I sincerely have to thank this duo for making my day so much better through the hilarity of this video. Life may be a game of moans sometimes, but at least everyone has this video to turn to now when they need a little bit of a pick-me-up.

Image: YouTube/BBC Radio 1