One Direction is Making Big Changes for New Album, But will They Isolate Tween Fan base?

Reportedly, Singer Zayn Malik of boy band One Direction is working in the studio with British DJ and record producer, Naughty Boy. Possibly planning on mixing hip-hop into 1D’s next album with a little bit of rapping, the hilarity of this situation is just out of control. One Direction and rap music? Cue all the lawlz.

Naughty Boy, who is known for producing two top ten records for rappers Chipmunk and Wiley (the laughter ensues), has been helping Malik improve his rapping skills with a source saying the 1D member “has loved getting creative and is fast gaining confidence to try out new things musically.” This source noted how Malik tends to rap about “what he feels comfortable about” like his relationship with Perrie Edwards, a singer from the girl group Little Mix. They also said that the results of Malik’s first try at rapping are similar to Drake, which would actually be some sort of miracle.

However, I’m going to go with… doubt it. Yet if these rumors are indeed true, then it will be quite interesting to see how everything pans out. After all, 1D is known as a pop band adored by millions of crazy, screaming tween girls, and, depending on how personal the topics are, his rapping might not go down with mom and dad.

Girls are already in love with the band for their style now, so it might be a bit risky for Malik and the boys to attempt to switch up their image. Miley Cyrus went from Disney pop star to a typically half naked, loves-sticking-out-tongue singer, which received mixed reviews. She too went all out when changing the sound of her music and though it worked for many, she undoubtedly drew in a different crowd. No longer are her songs necessarily appropriate for the youngins that were so used to her innocent image.

Though 1D attempting to reach out to a different demographic isn’t necessarily bad, (it seems like people of all ages were actually feeling the Story of My Life vibes) the band will likely have to prepare for any repercussions by adding something so drastic to what they’re currently doing. But whatever happens, you know I’ll be here to be the judge on that Drake comment.

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