McGill University Feminists Tumblr Illustrates the Different Faces of Feminism, and It's Awesome

We've had it up to here with the old stereotypes of feminists — that they're mostly rich white women with too much time (and too little of a sense of humor) on their hands. Unfortunately, "intersectionality" has developed a negative connotation, too — it's supposed to refer to the idea that different characteristics of individuals interact to shape their experiences, but it gets dismissed as useless, post-modern academic jargon. Now, thanks to the Faculty of Law at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, we can now easily put real faces to the claim that, intersectionality-aware feminists come in all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Their McGill Law Feminists Tumblr features a beautiful spread of feminists — male and female, white and of color, old and young, and everything in between. It's really interesting to see the different terms that people have chosen to describe themselves, in addition to "feminist" — some of the characteristics are chosen (being a parent, having a certain hobby), but many are not (being of a particular nationality or race).

These people easily look like they could be our neighbors or relatives or friends. Is intersectional feminism still so off-putting now? Good work, McGill Law Feminists!

Image Credit: McGill Law Feminists / Tumblr