Chris Martin Consciously Couples With Doves In New Coldplay Music Video For "Magic" — VIDEO

Chris Martin has been in the headlines a lot over the past couple of weeks, and it hasn't been for his music. But now, the Coldplay frontman's getting back to the basics: Coldplay's "Magic" has a new music video ... and it's all about conscious uncouplings and couplings, though not in a way that would make Gwyneth Paltrow pleased.

"Magic" is the first single off of Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories, which is coming out May 19 and which is already available for pre-order on iTunes. Given the single's title, the video's concept is mightily on the nose, featuring a "beautiful young magicienne, [Cecile]," along with "her mustachioed husband [Claude], the famous but drunk magician," and Christophe, the assistant to the former, played by Martin.

Though it's likely nothing could stop the steady flow of rumors since Martin and wife Gwyneth Paltrow announced their separation — rumors that have mostly revolved around infidelity on both parts with pretty much anyone the couple has interacted with in the past five years — maybe this video will offer a very momentary reprieve in what's almost definitely been a very trying, exhausting, and generally ridiculous couple of weeks in the Paltrow-Martin household. Plus, it seems like he had some fun staring broodily at those birds.

Watch Coldplay's "Magic":

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Image: Capitol Records