Miley Cyrus Serenades Statue of Floyd with "Can't Be Tamed", Because We All Grieve in Our Own Way

Last week, Miley Cyrus's beloved dog Floyd died, and his death has taken a toll on the singer. But rather than slap on a phony smile, she's letting her grief hang out. Atta girl! Do what you gotta do. For Cyrus, that doesn't mean locking herself in her room and canceling the Bangerz tour until further notice. No ma'am. The show must go on! And on it goes! She's been doing the concert thing night after night, but she hasn't suppressed the sads: She's dedicated songs to the pup, cried while singing, and welcomed a giant inflatable replica of Floyd to the stage. Like ya do. During Saturday night's concert at Barclays Center, she pet and danced on the gigantic statue while singing “Can’t Be Tamed.” She's a mega pop superstar, but she's also a real-ass human being with real-ass feelings. With a real-ass inflatable statue of Floyd.

For the most part, Cyrus’s grieving process has been incredibly relatable. It's all things honest, vulnerable, and real. Losing a pet is gut-wrenching and can be a hard thing to come to terms with (hi, if you bring up the cat I had in elementary school? I will get emotional. So don't do it. Crap, why did I bring him up? I know better. Now I'm a wreck. Ugh, I did this to myself). Cyrus is feeling all of the feelings, and I feel for her. When I watch her cry during "Landslide," I'm right there with her. When I read these tweets, I'm right there with her:

Yup. Losing a pet can feel like the end of the world.

Kind of a hybrid of the bargaining stage and the depression stage of Kübler-Ross model. I get it.

Uh, ABSOLUTELY. Get that comfort food! So real.

OOF. So cute AND so sad.

I might be getting choked up reading this one?

:( :( :(

Who doesn't want to scream into their pillow/in their car/on top of a mountain/underwater when they're devastated?

Who doesn't struggle with falling asleep when they're devastated?

:( :( :(


And then, there is this:



We all cope in our own ways, but like, this is some next-level mourning. However! Just because some of us might not be able to relate to commissioning a ginormous inflatable statue in our dog’s likeness and then dancing on said inflatable statue (I know I don’t have the money for it, nor do I know anyone who could build it), that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Just uh... a tad unconventional.

Hey, do what you gotta do. If that means leaning on an inflatable dog, lean away.